time to get real...

Here you'll learn all about my vision for Zoe Linda and what I truly value in my business.

i want to change the way brands + influencers work together

I want to build relationships more meaningful than a paycheque and more authentic than a pre-written Instagram caption. I want to create long-term partnerships that are best suited to your brand and get you in front of your ideal audience.

I believe that branded collaborations should feel more authentic

We've all seen those minor celebs on Instagram holding up their 'favourite' fitness tea or teeth whitener in their latest selfies. Some collaborations can feel so forced and almost seem like the influencer is selling out. I want all my client's collaborations to feel organic to the audience, which is why I work towards forming long-term partnerships with influencers. 

"one size fits all" is total bullshit

I know full well that what works for one entrepreneur might not work for the next.

I believe in creating strategies that suit the individual instead of adopting a 'copy + paste' approach. I focus on creating bespoke campaigns and boutique services to add to the magic of my work.

authenticity, simplicity, and kindness run through everything I do

I think I'll let my clients speak for me on this one:

"There's no hand holding needed with Zoe! She knows her stuff and is on top of it. She's detailed, organized, thorough, and most importantly she has the best interest in wanting to grow your brand." - Chantal of MOTD Cosmetics

If you read my Meet Zoe page, you'll know I LOVE being super organised and efficient. This definitely trickles into my client work as I strive to keep things streamlined and as easy as possible for you to follow along with updates and developments of our project.

I also keep things real with clients. We're all super busy gals so I keep things to the point without losing my kindness along the way.

get the v.i.m experience

VIM = Very Important Muggle 🤓

Whether it's working an extra few hours on a strategy, spending time to craft personalised outreach emails, or sending a 'get well soon' gift, I always go the extra mile for my clients. I may be an influencer marketing wizard but Muggles are still important too.