the toolkit is currently closed

Hey, friend! You just missed us. The Beta round for the Affiliate Program Toolkit is currently closed and will be open again at the beginning of 2019.

Make sure you’re the first to know when doors open again by joining the waitlist below.


You put your blood, sweat, and tears into creating an incredible digital product but it’s not making the sales that all those online experts said it would make. You know it has the potential to sell but it’s just sat there - gathering dust - and you feel like you’re leaving SO much money on the table.

Creating an affiliate program could be the answer to your product sale woes but you’re not sure where to start or who to reach out to, and your path to sales is feeling less like a straight line and more like a… ‘Jeremy Bearimy’ 👇


at the moment, you know you:

  • Want to start + grow an affiliate program but you feel overwhelmed by all the moving pieces - what do you do first, and when?!

  • Have an amazing digital product but you're not seeing consistent sales - despite all your marketing efforts!

  • Are too busy with client work to sell your products. You need a system that sells FOR you whilst you buckle down with client projects.

  • Want to reach a bigger audience. You love the community you've cultivated but your sales are growing stagnant. Where are all your new customers at?

if you could wave a magic wand, you’d…

  • Have a thriving team of influential affiliates that are selling your product FOR you - no more hours and hours spent on Instagram, your affiliates are doing all the selling!

  • Have your brand in front of as many people as possible - you want to get more eyeballs on your product so you can reach your target market and hit those income goals!

  • Build a scaleable + sustainable business that doesn’t cause burn out every few months - you want to be able to take a week off without worrying about sales stats

Essentially, you’d go from this:


To this:


introducing the affiliate program toolkit

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Everything you need to start + grow an affiliate program - in a box.


"If you're looking for an affiliate expert, Zoe is the go-to!

Even if you already have an affiliate program like us, you'll still benefit from hiring Zoe and trust that she'll be able to see the areas to make improvements."

- Kathie of BluChic

what’s in the toolkit?

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step-by-step strategy workbook

There's nothing harder than starting a strategy in a blank document. I've not only created a template strategy document for you but I'll walk you through it step-by-step. From setting your goals to choosing your affiliate software, I'll help you get everything outlined before you get started.

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affiliate tech support

"What affiliate software should I use?" is the number one question I get asked as an affiliate program manager. I'll help you find the best affiliate tech for your needs as well as giving bonus support for selected software!

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affiliate promotional packet

Before your affiliates can start promoting, they need assets + advice to get your product out there! I'll show you how to create a promotional pack for affiliates including a welcome sequence, creative content ideas, email + social media swipe copy, and promo graphics. I’ve even created templates for you!

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affiliate outreach tutorials

At this stage, you'll be ready to start getting affiliates on your team! I'll show you how to find affiliates on social media and personally invite them into your program. I’ll also provide you with a management spreadsheet and workflows to help you streamline and systematise your outreach!

Once you’ve implemented all of this, you’ll…

  • Have a brand new affiliate program started and growing by the day

  • Feel reassured that you're no longer leaving money on the table!

  • Be better connected, with influencers joining your program

  • Have an increased passive income from your digital products!


what does this look like?

Here’s a list of everything included in the price of the Affiliate Program Toolkit:

  • Step-by-step strategy workbook - this workbook is the most essential element in the toolkit. It will walk you through how to set goals for your program, how to decide on your commission rate, what tech to use, how to research influencers, how to grow your affiliate team, and SO much more!

  • Affiliate strategy template - take everything you learnt in the workbook and put it into one templated Google Doc for you and your team to refer back to!

  • Keep track of your outreach - you’ll get an Affiliate Management Spreadsheet template to manage your affiliate team when it starts to grow!

  • Stay organised + systematised - I’ll show you the exact workflows I use for myself and clients including affiliate outreach, affiliate audits, and JV webinars - just copy + paste them into your chosen project management tool!

  • Done-for-you promo pack - get affiliates sharing your product with a customised promotional pack. In this templated folder, you’ll find a Welcome Guide, Creative Content Ideas, and Affiliate FAQs.

  • Find the perfect affiliates for your program - I’ve recorded trainings on how to find affiliates on Instagram, Pinterest, iTunes, and Google so you can pitch your program to the best fit influencers!

  • Private Facebook group - I’m super excited about hosting a community of fellow affiliate program managers! This is where you’ll be able to ask me questions and get advice from other Toolkit users!

  • Your questions answered! - I’ve designed the toolkit to be as easy as possible, but when you first get started, you might have some questions. For this beta round, I’ll post a weekly Q&A thread and share video recordings of my answers! No need to show up to anything live to get your response and you can refer back to it at any time!

Terra Dawn.jpg

"I'm going into a new summit and a huge launch...and I can't even TELL you how organized I feel!! 

You helped to get everything organized and crystal clear with my affiliates going forward. It's definitely a huge chunk on my list that I don't need to start from scratch on!!! THANK YOU!!!!"

- Terra of Uncork Your Dork

this was built for you if...

  • You are a digital product creator, virtual assistant, digital marketing agency, or SaaS who wants to start and grow your own affiliate program.
  • You have a digital product that is gathering dust but you know - deep down - you could be making more from it. You know it works, you just need to get more eyeballs on it.
  • You need a done-for-you solution for starting your own affiliate program. You don't have the time to spend figuring it out on your own - you just need the parts that you can put together yourself. Sorta like if IKEA sold affiliate programs (without the complicated instructions)!
  • You know having affiliates is the right path for you to increasing your income but you need a step-by-step guide to get started on the right foot.

this isn't for you if...

  • You've just started creating your product. You don't want to be adding anything else to your plate! Don't worry - this toolkit isn't going anywhere. Just bookmark me and come back when you're done!
  • You haven't validated your product yet. You need to make a few sales before you start getting affiliates involved. The more social proof you have for affiliates to leverage, the better!
  • You expect this to work overnight. Affiliates are a great way to grow your product income but it's not completely passive - and it's not instant. It takes effort to start your program but you can grow it at a rate that's manageable to you.
  • You don't have time to implement a strategy of your own. If this sounds like you, drop me an email to learn more about my 1:1 services.

information for the beta round

I’m so excited you’re thinking about joining me for the Beta round of the Affiliate Program Toolkit! Here’s what you need to know about getting through the doors first:

  • The Toolkit is at a reduced rate - I’m offering the Toolkit to Beta group for $97 but I’m planning to sell it for $197 in 2019 with an even higher price point for the Facebook group element!

  • You’ll receive access on December 1st - I’m working on getting the Toolkit polished up and ready for you by the beginning of December. I’d give you access earlier but, let’s be real, ain’t nothing getting done in November with Black Friday coming up! 😉

  • In the meantime, you’ll get a Pre-Program lesson - I want to make sure your product is ready for affiliates! I’ll give you a lesson on what to do BEFORE you start the Toolkit so you feel confident in your product and ready to move forwards with your affiliate program!

  • I’d love to get your feedback + testimonial - in exchange for the reduced rate, I’d LOVE to hear your feedback as you go through the Toolkit. I’m super keen to make the content in the Toolkit as reactive as possible (i.e. building it out based on what YOU want to see vs. me telling you what I think you should know)!

doors to the beta close on november 20th

here’s a good ol’ before + after:


once you’ve become an affiliate wizard:

  • Affiliates are selling your products FOR you. No more late nights planning the 'gram!

  • Your product is selling SO well that you want to create another one!

  • You feel reassured that you're doing the RIGHT thing. No more wasting months (or even years!) trying to figure this out alone

  • You spend less time on client projects and more time travelling, spending time with family, whatever you want. YOU get to decide!


  • You feel guilty that you're working so much with clients instead of promoting your own business

  • You have a digital product gathering dust - despite the stress and work you put into it in the first place

  • You're frustrated that this whole "passive income" thing is taking way longer than all those experts told you

  • You wish you had more time to spend on your own businesss but you're saying "yes" to every client that comes your way

Zoe Linda Headshot.jpg

who's the gal behind this?

Hey, pal! I'm Zoe - nice to virtually meet you! 👋 I help digital product creators increase their passive income and scale their business through affiliate programs. But why should you listen to me?

  • I have 4+ years experience in influencer marketing. I'll teach you how to find, approach, and connect with influencers to create meaningful relationships that last.

  • I've been starting and managing clients' affiliate programs for nearly 2 years. From makeup brands to memberships, I've done all the trial and error so you don't have to. 

  • I grew a client’s affiliate program from 60 to 600 people in less than a year and I'll teach you how to do the same.

  • I have a 5-figure affiliate launch under my belt. I helped a client make over $50k in 5 days from an affiliate program. Will you be the next success story?

Jordan Gill.jpg

"Legitmately, Zoe runs the affiliate side of my business.

She tells me what I need to do or what she needs. And I trust her to run that ship."

- Jordan of Systems Saved Me

Jamie Jensen.png

“Zoe is so savvy and smart with all of the affiliate tech, systems, and best practices.

If you’re worried you can't handle affiliate marketing, and know you’re holding yourself back as a result, Zoe will swoop in and solve all of that for you!”

- Jamie of The Jamie Jensen

you got questions? I’ve got answers

  • Does the toolkit include access to affiliate software? Nope! We'll talk about the best tools to use to start your program but I can't give you free access to any software.

  • What affiliate software do you offer bonus support on? I don't have access to every tool out there but I can give you tips and tutorials for ThriveCart, Tapfiliate, SamCart, Gumroad, Teachable, and Podia!

  • What format is the toolkit delivered in? It's a mix of downloadable PDFs, video trainings, and shared Google docs.

  • Does the toolkit include email + social swipe copy templates? I’ve got a welcome guide, creative content ideas, and affiliate FAQ templates for you to use but I haven’t created email or social swipe copy. Why? Because this is something that is so personal to your product and your tone of voice. Unless I knew your business really well, I wouldn’t feel confident writing copy to help affiliates sell your product. That said, I do teach you how to create swipe copy in a quick and easy way!

  • What platforms will your outreach tutorials cover? I'll teach you how to find potential affiliates on Instagram, Pintrest, iTunes, and Google.

  • What about being an affiliate for someone else's program? Unfortunately, I don't cover this in my toolkit! If you want to learn more about that, I recommend looking at Michelle's course; Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

  • I don't have a digital product yet - is this a good fit for me? Sadly not! Your first affiliate program works best when you already have a product out there and validated.

  • I only sell services at the moment. Will an affiliate program work for me? You can still create an affiliate program of sorts with a client referral scheme. I don't teach you how to do this in my toolkit but you can read a guest post I wrote about it over here.