Five Must-Join Facebook Groups for Freelancers (Plus List of 50+ Facebook Groups for Blog + Biz Owners)

Working by yourself can be lonely. Especially if you aren't surrounded by like-minded individuals, you can find yourself frantically searching for support, answers and, sometimes, just someone to chat business to. That's where Facebook groups should come in. I probably spend a good hour a day browsing through and contributing to the below groups, and I'm not the only one. These groups are great for asking questions, getting expert advice from all kinds of professionals, and sharing your successes (and failures)! So get reading to join these amazing communities and get access to my ultimate Facebook group list! 💕

Five Must-Join Facebook Groups For Freelancers | Living the solopreneur life can be tough at times, and especially lonely. These 5 Facebook groups are great for when you need support or just another likeminded biz owner to chat to! This post is perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers and creative biz owners. Click through to find out more and download your free list of 50+ groups to join!

Freedom Hackers Mastermind | Hosted by Kimra Luna

25.6k Members at time of writing

This group is full of amazing people - they are all so supportive and give amazing advice. If you ever have a question (blog or biz related), I can guarantee you that you'll get the answer you need by posting in this group. But it's not just about you, this group is always at its best when members take the time to give back to others by answer questions, giving advice and generally supporting other members. The Friday Mixer thread each week is also a really great way to meet and collaborate with other freelancers!

TOP TIP: Follow Kimra's rules to the T. They are rules for a reason, and breaking them could result in you being removed from the group - which, totally isn't worth it!

Instagram Marketing Mastermind | Hosted by Alex Tooby

5.4k Members at time of writing

Got a question about Instagram? Consider it answered. This group is by far and away the best Instagram focused group I'm a part of. Everyone is so helpful and supportive but this is much more 3D than a bunch of 'follow for follow' threads. If you need feedback on your theme, or want to share your monthly goals, there are always a bunch of other grammers that want to jump in the conversation. The group's leader, Alex, is the founder of the swoon-inducing @menandcoffee account. Alex is always getting involved in chats and giving members support and advice. She's also super lovely. 😍


Screw The Nine To Five | Hosted by Jill Stanton

9.1k Members at time of writing

Do you feel like you're the only one stuck in a full-time job instead of living life as the entrepreneur you really are? Well, you're wrong. There are thousands of other people just like you and they call themselves 'scroupies'. I literally love this group so much. I didn't ever hate my job before I left, but, when times were tough, I took to this group to share my dreams of going freelance and I only ever got support and love. You can call me an official 'scroupie' from now on 😉

TOP TIP: This group isn't for self-promotion. Jill is very engaged in the group and could spot a spammer from a mile away. Don't be that guy!

For Love + Money | Hosted by Caitlin Bacher

6.5k Members at time of writing

Business goddess Caitlin Bacher works hard for you to make money through your blog or biz; and she's got the group to prove it. 'For Love + Money' is such a fun and supportive group - everyone is honestly so lovely. If you join this group (which you should!) expect lots of encouragement, virtual group hugs and, most importantly, some stella advice from Caitlin herself.

Blog BFFs | Hosted by Zoe Linda

Well I couldn't talk about Facebook groups and not include mine, could I? Blog BFFs is relatively new but we're a lovely bunch. With a weekly sharing thread and daily chats about our blog + biz goals, there's lots to get involved in. So get involved and join the tribe now! 🌸

What are your favourite Facebook groups to get involved in? Let me know in the comments.

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