Five Things to do After Publishing a New Blog Post

So you’ve just published a new blog post? Sa-weet! Good work, but the job’s not over yet. After doing everything BEFORE you should hit publish, you gotta grab your virtual megaphone and shout about your freshly published post to the world of the internet. But where to start? That’s what I’m here for! Let’s have a little chin-wag and I’ll take you through the top five things to do as soon as you publish a blog post. 📝

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Get on those Facebook groups

If you’re not a member of Facebook groups for bloggers and creative types, you definitely should be - in fact, here’s my top 5 FB groups to join right now (including my own group ‘Blog BFFs’ #ShamelessPlug). Drop a link in your favourite groups and leave a little snippet of the new post or why you think fellow bloggers should read it.

Top tip: These groups shouldn’t be used primarily for link dumping and running away - c’mon we all do it now and again - but we should be using these groups to share helpful tips, support each other’s work and share the blogging love! Interact with other bloggers and actually read their posts. The more you give, the more you get. 

Join in with Twitter chats

Haven't wandered into the wonderful world of Twitter chats yet? I've got a little introduction and timetable for ya! If you're addicted to Twitter chats, you'll fit right in here 😉 Twitter chats are a great way to bring your new blog post directly to a bunch of likeminded bloggers. If you have a new recipe on your food blog, for example, head over to #FDBloggers chat and show it off! Same rule as Facebook Groups though; don't just dump your link with the hashtag - remember to engage in the conversation.

Pin it up

If you followed all the steps in my 'before you hit publish' guide, you should have created a Pinterest friendly graphic for your blog post. Don't let this go to waste! Pin it up on your most relevant Pinterest board with a nice description. 📌

Keep an eye on comments

It's tempting to brush your hands of a post once you've written and shared it but don't forget that what may be the end for you is actually the start of something for your readers. Always go back to your posts a day or so after publishing and reply to any questions or reactions in the comments. Make your readers feel as if they are being listened to by actually listening to them! If you haven't responded to comments in a while, go go go! Your readers are waiting! 👯

Learn from your published posts

See what posts perform well and which ones could use an extra push on social media. If you find a particular topic trumps another, then you can start to write more about the favoured topic as your readers are telling you this is what they like to see! Don't forget to keep sharing old blog posts (unless they are time-sensitive) to maintain interest and engagement. A post may be published but it doesn't mean it should be forgotten! 

What's your normal routine after publishing a blog post? Let me know in the comments.

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