Five Things to do Before Publishing a New Blog Post

Once you've written a new blog post, it's so easy to hit 'publish' straight away. It feel great to have written a decent post, you just want to share it with the world immediately. But, as my father always tells me, 'a stitch in time saves nine' and there are a few stitches you can knit into your new post before publishing. Keep on reading to find out my top five things to do BEFORE publishing a blog post. 📝

5 Things To Do Before You Publish A Blog Post | Just about to launch a new blog post? There are a few things you should do before hitting publish. Click through for blogging tips and tricks plus a FREE ultimate blog post checklist!

Do a bit of SEO

Got any photos in your blog post? Photo filenames can be a big help in getting your blog picked up by search engines. That make-up pic named 'photo1' wouldn't get noticed if someone Googled the product you're reviewing. However, change the name of the photo before you upload it to your blog and it just might end up being a good source of traffic.

Top tip: I generally use the name of my blog post when uploading photos. E.g The image above is called 'Five-Things-To-Do-Before-Publishing-A-New-Blog-Post-Zoe-Linda.png'. I add my blog name on the end so it also gets picked up if someone searches for my blog!

Link back to past posts

Everyone's blog has a niche and a focus (or it should do!) and if you're writing a new post, it's likely that you've written about something similar in the past. Have a flick through your past blog posts and see if you can drop a link into the one you're writing now.

Top tip: Try to make the link seamless. I always see blogs with such cluttered links - i.e. 'I wrote about this product before - you can read it here'. Links like these make a blog post feel really fragmented. Weave a link in so it feels smoother - i.e. 'You all know what I think about this product already...'

Do a little more SEO

If someone searches for something on Google, Google prioritises pages/sites that have the searched for phrase as a heading in the code. A heading would be wrapped with <h1>,<h2>, <h3>, etc in the HTML of your blog post. On Blogger, this is a simple fix. You just click on the HTML of the post and find your blog title and subheadings and add <h1> before the heading and </h1> afterwards.

Top tip: On Squarespace, you can set up headings in the Style Editor and when you post text you can select what heading you want to use. This automatically sets up the heading in the code for you.

Tweet whilst writing your post

I always like seeing what fellow bloggers are writing about before it's available to read yet. It's a simple way to build a bit of buzz on social media and take the writing experience further than your desk. You're writing a new blog post - it's exciting! Shout about it! 📢

Top tip: Twitter polls are GREAT for this kind of thing. When I'm writing a post, I like to post a new Twitter poll and ask my followers what they'd like me to focus on. It adds a nice layer of collaboration to a blog post!

Create a Pinterest friendly graphic

When I first started blogging (way way back then), I didn't bother with creating a graphic for each post. Oh how silly I was. I soon came to realise that not only does having a graphic make your blog's branding more consistent and present, it also makes your blog posts extremely shareable. So, if you are going to create blog graphics (which you so totally should), you might as well make ones that fit in with Pinterest's layout. If you make your images 735 x 1102 pixels, they're optimised to Pinterest!

Top tip: When designing a blog graphic, pop any text or features in the middle of the image. This way you can use the same image to promote your new blog post on Instagram and Twitter too!

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What is your routine before you publish a blog post? Let me know in the comments.

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