Five Must-Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers

It goes unsaid that time spent creating content for your blog is pointless unless you really spend time putting it out into the world.

But that's easier said than done, right?

We all want eyes on our blogs and comments on our content but we also want to cultivate our communities, feel support from fellow bloggers, and, ultimate, make a little bit of money.

There are only so many tweets and Instagram posts you can post to push your blog post until you feel SO done with blog post promo. However, there's another way - and probably a more effective way - to grow your blog quickly.

You can find hundreds of Facebook groups filled with likeminded bloggers! If you're not a part of any blogger groups on Facebook, you're seriously missing out!

In this blog post, I'll show you my five favourite Facebook groups to help you increase your pageviews and grow buzz around your blog. Don't forget to scroll to the end to grab my ultimate list of Facebook groups for free!

Five Must-Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers | Get involved with likeminded bloggers with these must-join Facebook groups! This guide is perfect for new bloggers or veteran bloggers. Click through to find out more and get your free download of 50+ groups to join for blog + business owners!

With nearly 28,000 members, this Facebook group is THE place to get started as a blogger.

There aren't many weekly prompts or promo threads - apart from Promo Monday - but it's a great platform for asking questions, getting support, and making connections with fellow bloggers.

If you're not sure where to get started with Facebook groups, this is the one to start with. Baby steps, yo!

Creative Superheroes

If Facebook groups were animals, Creative Superheroes would be a unicorn.

Allison is one of the most positive and enthusiastic leaders I know and her group is a reflection of her sparkling personality. Your vibe attracts your tribe!

Creative Superheroes features lots of fun threads - but nothing *too* promotion heavy - and a great chance to provide likeminded bloggers with help and advice as well as being able to ask questions of your own!

Think Creative Collective

Think Creative Collective were my blogging inspiration back when I started I was obsessed with the content they were creating and the vibes they were throwing out!

When they first opened their Facebook group , I felt welcomed into their community with open arms and lots of virtual hugs. Though their Facebook group has more of a business focus, there are still lots of bloggers in here wanting help and wanting to grow their brands. Join me in the TCC tribe!

Blogging 101

Nicole's group, Blogging 101, is a fantastic community for new and seasoned bloggers alike.

With daily prompts and weekly promo threads, Nicole gives you the opportunity to get to know other members of the group as well as growing your social media and blogging platforms.

It's also a very active group with over 16,000 engaged members and lots of helpful posts on the group wall.

The Mindfulpreneur Community

I couldn't do a post about Facebook groups and not throw in my own now, could I?

My group is dedicated to mindful bloggers and business owners who club together for support and growth. I regularly host FB live trainings in my group as well as posting tips and tricks you won't find anywhere else!

If you love to connect with other likeminded bloggers and want a go-to place to get blogging advice, this is the group for you!

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