Five Must-Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers (Plus List of 50+ Facebook Groups for Blog + Biz Owners)

It's really important to get the word out about you and your blog. Sometimes you just want to grab a megaphone and shout  "Hello! I exist!" - but that's probably not the right (nor sane) way to go about it. We all love sharing our latest blog posts with our readers and, personally, Facebook is a key tool for this. I'm in a bunch of Facebook groups filled with likeminded blog + biz owners - and I love them.  If you're not a part of any blogger groups on Facebook, you're seriously missing out! If you're a fellow blogger, here's a list of top groups you should to join. If you're a fellow freelancer, head this way my friend - I've got something else for you! And whether you're a blogger or #GirlBoss, keep scrolling to get access to my ultimate Facebook Group list for FREE! πŸ‘₯

Five Must-Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers | Get involved with likeminded bloggers with these must-join Facebook groups! This guide is perfect for new bloggers or veteran bloggers. Click through to find out more and get your free download of 50+ groups to join for blog + business owners!

FBL: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers

One of my go-to blogging groups is FBL. It's a great place to share your posts with a whole bunch of lovely bloggers! With different social media sharing threads each day of the week, you've got the chance to follow some great bloggers, read some fresh feeds and connect with likeminded peeps!

World Fashion Bloggers

The largest group I am a part of, World Fashion Bloggers is pure blog post sharing. As long as you've got notifications turned off so you're not pestered all day, it's a great group for encouraging other bloggers as well as getting some style inspiration. Every few days there are discussion threads, which are interesting to get involved in and share opinions on hot blogger topics.

Bloggers PR Events

If you're looking to get into PR opportunities, sponsored posts, or events, this group is a great place to start. It's mainly packed with opportunities to write sponsored review posts but sometimes there is a diamond in the rough with a great chance to move forwards with your blog! Another great group like this is UK Blogger Opportunities.

Blog BFFs

I couldn't do a post about Facebook groups and not throw in my own! My group is dedicated to bloggers and creatives alike who club together for support and general loveliness. If you love to share stories or advice (or if you just want to join the tribe) this is the group for you!

Small YouTube Channels Group

If you're looking to move into the realms of vlogging, joining a group like this is a great place to start. Just like the blogging groups, you can share your video blogs here and interact with other vloggers. Being part of a community is an invaluable asset to vlog success!

What's your favourite Facebook group to contribute to? Let me know in the comments.

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