The Best Hashtags on Instagram for Bloggers


It's impossible to keep track of the number of hashtags on Instagram and we have so many questions about them! 

Which ones should I use? Which hashtags receive the best engagement? And if you're asking "What's a hashtag anyway?" then kindly read this (and get back in the DeLorean to 2012).

I have such a pet peeve with people using hashtags like #instagood or #picoftheday. Sure, these hashtags have a bunch of users, but are any those users in your target audience? If not, you won’t be attracting the right eyes to your content which is what hashtags are all about. 

Using super popular hashtags will push your photos further down the hashtag feed, meaning they’ll get lost in the crowd. 

Forget using random hashtags (no matter how popular they are) and take a look at my top picks for the very best hashtags to use on Instagram for bloggers. 

You can add 30 hashtags to a single post - make all of them count!

The hashtags I've selected below are perfect for bloggers (and business owners) as they are fantastic Insta communities. 

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Have I convinced you to use more relevant, engaging hashtags yet?

Not only will you see an increase likes when you use them, but you'll receive a load of comments on your photos. This results in better Instagram engagement (aka genuine interaction by social media peeps). 

BUT engagement is a two way street! If I post a new photo, I'll click on the hashtags and like a bunch of photos, comment on a few and follow a couple of people. You should definitely do the same! 

Instagram shouldn't just be a gallery of your life - turn it into a community. Grow your community and share the Insta love with these top hashtags:


founded by @thinkcreativecollective
If you’re a badass blogger or lady boss, you’re sure to love #TCCTribe. You’ll frequently find business tips, home offices, and beautifully styled flat lays. Swoon!


founded by @theeverygirl_
This hashtag was made for lifestyle bloggers and you can totally tell by the wide variety of photos you’ll find in the feed. Outfit shots, foodie photos, and beautiful scenery is often found in this hashtag feed.


founded by @dorkfaceblog
Everything from artistic creations to travel destinations to lifestyle shots can be found in #TheGirlGang hashtag. For everyday adventure photos, look no further!


founded by @blogginggals
The only prerequisite to use this hashtag is to have a blog. Because it’s so open, you’ll see a vast array of lifestyle and blogging focused images that are eye-catching and engaging. 


founded by @theblogissue
Another blog centric hashtag that features all kinds of pretty things. It’s common to see splashes of pink, rose gold, and sparkles here. 


founded by me! @zoelinda_
I started this hashtag to inspire a community of bloggers to share what they’re working on and what their everyday life looks like. You’re sure to find pops of color and perfectly styled shots!


founded by @blogsociety
This hashtag is a lifestyle blogger’s dream! You’ll see anything from food to travel to everyday style photos. Anything that’s bright and light fits in perfectly.

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