Quick Fixes to Improve Your Social Media Profiles Now

'First impressions don't mean everything' - said no one ever. Your social media profile isn't just the hub of all your content; it's also the first time a new reader (and potentially new customer) may hear about you and your blog or biz. It's always worth investing the time in your social media profiles to ensure you creating a great first impression. If time is an issue, no fear. Here are some quick fixes and a FREE checklist to spruce up your profiles now! 🔧


Be Consistent

Have a profile picture that you really love? Does it give a great first impression of your brand or blog? Great! Use that across all your profiles! You want people to recognise you across platforms and think "oh hey, that's the blog I follow on Pinterest, I'll give them a follow here too!" My little photo of me and my camera is across all my profiles and I love it!

Write a great bio

Your bio is so important to get right. It's your way of explaining who you are and what you can offer your potential new follower. As a rule, I'd make your bios different across all platforms as you're targeting different kinds of people. Now don't go crazy - this doesn't mean you should change your brand message all together! It just means being adopting a different tone for each profile.

You can see my Twitter bio on the right here. I've put quite simply what my whole 'thang' is about and also put a CTA to subscribe to my newsletter. On Instagram however, I've popped in a couple of emojis and adopted a much friendlier tone but I still express that I provide blog help with a link to my site!

Create a cover photo that shouts what you're about

We're talking solely Twitter and Facebook here. Your cover photo is probably the first thing a potential new reader/customer will see when they click on your profile. So it should be something that shouts what your brand or blog is all about.

Zoe Linda | Quick Fixes to Improve Your Social Media Profiles Now

Elle & Company's Facebook cover photo is a great example! They've got the right balance of imagery and graphics - the blue background sits really nicely beneath their beautiful logo. They've even got a nice description about their business. 

Melissa from Blog Clarity has a lovely Twitter cover photo! I love the colours and it's a cover photo that's almost bursting with pride. It's exciting! If you have anything you're particularly proud of - you have your own podcast or you're own YouTube channel for example- shout about it. The world needs to know!

Is everything on brand?

So, you've updated your profile photo, bio and cover pic! Now's the time to take a step back and ask yourself 'is this the brand image I want to convey?' Have a look at the first few posts on your Twitter/Instagram/etc. These could be the first posts someone ever sees on your account - do they fit in with your brand image?

Top tip: Remember to post with purpose! If you post things that you don't really care about, that could be the first thing someone sees on your page and it could really deter them from following you. Make sure everything you post is on brand.

What do you think is the most important element of your social profile? Let me know in the comments!

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