How To Collaborate With Bloggers To Sell More Infoproducts

Whether you want to call it ‘influencer marketing’, ‘blogger outreach’, or simply ‘collaborations’, they’re here to stay.

Influencer marketing has been one of the fastest growing marketing strategies over the past few years, but how can you make it work for your educational business?

In this blog post and free video training, you'll learn:

👥 the fundamentals of influencer marketing
🤔 the difference between influencer marketing and PR
🎯 how to set a goal for your campaign
⚡️ 6 simple collaboration ideas to get you started
☕️ how to warm up the connection with an influencer

Keep reading to learn how to collaborate with influencers to sell more of your educational products, including online courses and e-books. We crossover into the realm of PR a little bit here but bear with me - it’s all gravy 😉

How To Collaborate With Bloggers To Sell More Infoproducts | Influencer marketing has been one of the fastest growing marketing strategies over the past few years, but how can you make it work for your educational business? This post is perfect for infopreneurs, creative business owners, and entrepreneurs. Click through to read more about how to use influencer marketing for your business including a free workshop! #influencermarketing #infopreneur #infoproducts #digitalproducts #bloggeroutreach

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What is influencer marketing?

Before I get started, let’s make sure we’re both on the same page! Here’s the scoop:

Influencers are authorities within your niche that have a measurable* influence over your ideal audience. These could be bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, people with a large Twitter following, etc.

Influencer marketing is all about forming relationships with said influencers and collaborating with them to get your brand in front of their audience.

*Don’t just take their word for it! You should be able to measure their influence by looking at their engagement rates, asking for past campaign experience, and monitoring their comments to see if your ideal audience are influenced by them.

My influencer marketing mantra is all about engagement - ‘Count the impressed, not the impressions.’

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How is influencer marketing different from PR?

Influencer marketing and PR are very closely linked - if you’re familiar with PR, you’ll find a lot of similarities in the strategies I talk about here.

The big difference between the two is the build up. PR is about putting you in front of the right audience and letting you show your expertise. Influencer marketing is more about influencer's recommending you to their audience.

A PR strategy for an online course creator could include appearing on local news shows and in your local newspaper talking about your area of expertise. You could also appear on podcasts within your niche or be interviewed on an online magazine or blog.

You’re appearing in all the content but you don’t necessarily have any creative control here as there’s usually no exchange of goods, services, or money involved.

An influencer marketing strategy for an online course creator would be about forming meaningful relationships with influencers within your niche to get your brand in front of a targeted audience and sell more spots on your course.

You could be collaborating with Instagrammers and well-known bloggers to promote your course by inviting them to write a course review, sending them swag, or inviting them to be a part of your affiliate team.

You will likely have agreed beforehand if you are giving the influencer free reign to write about your educational products or if you have any elements the influencer would need to include in their content (i.e. link to your website, unique discount code, etc)

There can be quite a bit of crossover here, though. For example, some influencers within your niche may have a blog or podcast they’d like you to appear on, which crosses into the realm of PR.

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Set your goal

Now you *get* influencer marketing, you need to think about why you want to implement an influencer marketing strategy for your business.

It’s imperative to set a goal before you get started so you can focus on reaching out to and collaborating with the right influencers who will best help you achieve your goal. (Click here to tweet this!)

Your goal could be anything from building strong long-term relationships with 10 influencers, to enrolling 500 new students in your free course, to making $5,000 in sales.

Action task: Think about what your goal here could be and make a note of it with today's date. You want to be able to track your progress here and see what’s working for you!

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Brainstorm collaboration ideas

I know this is the part that stumps most people but, lucky for you, I’m an ideas gal! There are plenty of ways you can collaborate with influencers to boost sales for your latest infoproduct or online course!

Let’s dive in:

Working with launch cheerleaders

Invite influencers to become cheerleaders for your launch! They will spread the word, refer potential buyers your way, and drive conversation around your product.

You can send them a bundle of swipe files, social media assets, and ideas on how they can organically promote your new product.

Building an affiliate team

Inviting someone to be an affiliate for your launch provides that little bit of extra incentive! Much like launch cheerleaders, affiliates will spread the word and refer customers towards your new infoproduct. However, affiliates will receive a commission for every customer that purchases through their unique link.

I’m a member of lots of affiliate schemes as well as managing a team for my own products! For example, if I refer someone towards Melyssa Griffin’s course Pinfinite Growth, I’ll use my unqiue affiliate link > If anyone purchases the course through this link, I’ll receive 40% commission on their purchase.

I’d recommend offering affiliates some kind of discount to your product or providing them free access so they can go through your product and provide their audience with an honest review.

Much like cheerleaders, you should provide them with email templates, blog post ideas, and ways for them to promote your product in your launch period! In my experience, I've found that hopping into an affiliate's Facebook group to provide a free training and sharing their affiliate link will really help drive their sales as well as encouraging them to provide their own bonus to students who enroll through their link.

Try and make it as easy as possible for them to promote your product and remember to spend time helping them out where you can! (Click to tweet this!)

Sponsored blog posts

If you have your eye on a blogger who would be perfect to collaborate with, you can reach out them and see if they would be interested in writing a sponsored blog post.

A blog post on an authoritative site can provide you with plenty of sales in the long-term as they have a longer life cycle than social media posts. Blog posts are also a great way to add affiliate links and gives the reader a chance to ask questions and leave comments about your educational product.

You want blog posts to lead the reader into your infoproduct without giving too much information away. For example, some blog post ideas could include:

  • Why You Should Be {YOUR TOPIC}
  • How To Get Started With {YOUR TOPIC}
  • The X-Step Strategy To {YOUR TOPIC}

To see some real life examples, for my Ultimate Instagram Hashtag Database, my highest converting affiliate posts have been ‘Using Instagram For Business’ and ‘How To Get 30 Real Instagram Followers Daily.’

Instagram Takeover

If you collaborate with an influencer with a strong Instagram following, you could consider running an Instagram takeover on their account. This is where you jump into their Instagram stories and post a few photos on their feed to talk about your product.

It’s a great way to reach their audience but you have to remember you’re reaching completely cold traffic here. These followers may never have heard of  you before so sometimes a warm and friendly introduction from the influencer can be invaluable to set the stage for your amazing infoproduct!

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Podcast Appearance

Find a podcast that is PERFECT for reaching your ideal audience? Pitch yourself to the host!

Not only does this get you in front of a brand new audience but you have an influencer by your side reinforcing the importance of your expertise and, ultimately, your product!

Finding podcasts on iTunes is super easy if you have a couple of keywords in your niche to search.

Joint Venture Webinar

A joint webinar is where you partner with someone in a similar niche or with a similar audience to you and you either:

a) offer your product using their affiliate link so they receive commission on all webinar sales

b) offer some kind of joint bundle and you split the profits 50/50

Joint webinars can be one of the highest converting ways to collaborate with an influencer. You’re getting yourself in front of their audience but also illustrating your authority and teaching them more about your area of expertise.

The secret with webinars is simple: value, value, value.

Try to keep the pitch and your backstory to a minimum. Most of the time high value, concise content will win out over fluff. Once you’ve shown their audience how much free value you’re happy to give away, they’re going to be super intrigued about how much extra you put into a PAID product!

Action Step: Pick one or two collaboration ideas to start your approach with. You want to lead with a strong idea but also give your influencer the chance take creative control over their own content and suggest what works best for their audience.

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Plan your approach

So, you’ve got your collaboration idea. Time to get that draft email out and ready, right?


You need to spend some time warming up the connecting with your audience. No one likes an email out of the blue from someone or some brand you’ve never heard of before.

It’s worthwhile taking the time to connect with your influencers over social media before popping up in their inbox. I don’t know about you but I could have tweets and DMs sent to me all day long - my inbox is my sacred space. It needs to stay that way.

So, how do you warm up the connection?

  • Follow them across their social profiles - simple!
  • Turn their post notifications on and take the time to interact with their Instagram posts, tweets, and FB page with relevant and authentic comments
  • Watch their Instagram stories and message them where appropriate
  • Check out their blog content and comment on their posts
  • Join their mailing list or FB group - perhaps even sign up for a webinar if they are hosting one soon

This should feel as organic and meaningful as possible so don’t go too overboard on all the comments and DMs. You want to be interested in what they’re doing without driving them away!

Action step: Pick 2 to 4 influencers to start connecting with and give them a follow on Instagram! Set a daily reminder to interact with their profiles and any new content.

Learn more about influencer marketing!

Do you have any questions about how to collaborate with influencers to sell your educational products? Let me know in the comments!

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