Why I Use Planoly To Plan My Instagram Feed

Recently, I've been having a bit of a rejig with my Instagram theme. I felt like my posts weren't actually reflective of the type of content I actually enjoy.

I know I should focus on what my audience want to see and what they will like, but my engagement was gradually decreasing and I felt like a change was in order.

So, I decided to take more of a 'regramming' approach and share photos from accounts that inspire me with my own written captions that will inspire and help my audience (from Instagram tips to solopreneur real-talk)!

I couldn't have made this change without the help from my little friend, Planoly. This app has made is super easy for me to plan my Instagram theme, monitor comments, share photos to my account, and track analytics.

I'm sure you might have your hesitations about using an app to schedule and plan your Instagram account but, let's dive into exactly what it can do, and I'm sure it will win you over! 📸

Why I Use Planoly To Plan My Instagram | Instagram scheduling can be a hassle and confusing as heck. But I use a programme that simplifies all of this and makes it crazy easy to regram, track comments and monitor analytics. Click through to learn more about Planoly to grow your Instagram account and define your theme!

Plan your theme

I originally invested in Planoly because I wanted to visually plan out my Instagram profile and have a more defined theme. 

I wanted to see how my next photo was going to look with the rest of my feed. At that point, I was posting photos to see if they 'fitted in' with my account and then would furiously delete them a minute later when I realised they looked awful.

With Planoly, I'm able to upload photos to my 'unscheduled' feed and see how they looked alongside my past posts. BUT I'm also able to plan my future posts and arrange them in a way that keeps my theme consistent and creative!

Above is a screengrab of my Planoly account on desktop.

The sidebar on the left is where I plan out my feed and can simply drag and drop photos, and move them around to make sure it all looks on-point 👌 

I love the calendar feature so I can see when I've been active (and when I've neglected my Instagram!) but it also shows me how many likes and comments each post received.

This is great for me to track when my audience are most engaged and I've realised I have a sweet spot of high engagement between 12:30pm & 2pm and then again between 5:30pm & 8:30pm (GMT)! I'll talk a little more about analytics in a moment.

In online communities, I always see so many people asking "How do I get a photo from my computer onto Instagram?" Because it is a mobile app AND a website, Planoly makes it super easy to upload photos from your computer then post them onto Instagram on your phone. Nifty, huh?

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Schedule upcoming posts

I know what you're thinking. Instagram scheduling is a pain in the arse - usually.

Planoly makes it crazy easy to schedule new posts to Instagram.

No, it doesn't post it automatically to Instagram. BUT it's still really simple. Here's what happens when you schedule a post using Planoly:

  1. You insert your crazy awesome caption (and credit the original poster if you're sharing the photo from someone else).
  2. You select when you want to post the photo onto Instagram.
  3. Hit 'save' and Planoly adds it to your scheduled queue.
  4. When the designated time comes around, Planoly sends you a push notification on your phone. You hop onto Planoly and hit 'Post Now' - Planoly sends the photo (and you) to Instagram and copies the caption.
  5. You paste the caption into IG and post the photo! Done!

Discover posts to share

Like I said, I've started to spend less time creating original content to post and spend more time sharing other people's photos.

Planoly's 'discover' tab has been a godsend for this. With this feature, I can easily browse photos through my favourite hashtags (or search for a specific user), select photos that suit my branding/theme, and save them to my draft feed!

Here's an example to show you how simple this feature is in practice:

See how incredibly easy it is?! I like to batch this task and spend a good hour or so discovering new feeds and new content to share then write captions for those photos to post throughout the week. Of course, I ALWAYS credit the original poster - and you should too!

I also recently invested in Haute Stock's membership library (which is AMAZING) and have been posting a lot of photos from these collections. They just fit so well with my branding and my audience love them! 

Watch the below video to see my sneak peek of Haute Stock 👇

I loved taking my own photos but I was running out of original post ideas and found it was taking up so much of my time. I still plan to post original content where I can and when I have more time on my hands - but for now, I'm LOVING sharing great content from my fellow femtrepreneurs!

Analyse metrics

As well as being able to plan content, schedule posts and share new content, Planoly has a great analytics feature.

You can organise your posts by week, month or year and see which posts have had the most likes and which ones got the most comments!

Here's a sneak peek of my analytics from the past month:

You can see that my top 5 liked posts were all hitting the 130+ mark, which is great! 

There's also a nice little overview in the sidebar which compares this month to the month beforehand. Looks like this month is already looking a lot more successful for my Instagram account! My average number of likes has increased from 98 to 132 - woohoo!

Planoly's 'Analyse' tab is really useful if you want to keep track of what is and isn't working for your account as well as staying on top of your stats!

Monitor comments

I don't know about you, but I find it quite hard to keep up with comments on my Instagram feed.

I'm talking about legit comments here. Not those comment/spam bots that post stuff like 'cool photo' and '💖' - you know who you are.

My 'comment' notifications get lost in my 'like' notifications and it's all a big mess. So, until Instagram sorts its game out and gets a 'mentions' feed à la Twitter, Planoly has a great comment tracker that has been a lifesaver!

With the plan I'm on, you can look back through your last 15 posts and see where you have new comments you haven't read yet.

This is great for making sure I stay on top of replying to comments from my audience. No one is too good to reply to comments, right?

So, there you have it!

Have I convinced you to sign up yet? 😉

Planoly has upped my Instagram game like crazy and I don't know what I'd do without it now!

What tools do you use to plan your 'gram? Tell me in the comments, pal!

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