5 Ways to Rock a Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are a beautiful thing. If you're not familiar with them, I've got an ultimate guide which should set you up nicely. They're not just about showing up and answering questions - if you get them right, you can get involved in active, supportive communities and build genuine relationships with likeminded peeps. Keep reading to find my top tips and tricks on how to be an all round Twitter chat pro! πŸ’¬

5 Ways to Rock a Twitter Chat | Twitter chats are THE way to connect with likeminded bloggers, entrepreneurs and creatives across the globe. Find out how to rock a Twitter chat with my guide and FREE printable Twitter chat timetable. Click through to get started!

Be authentic

Try not to answer questions for the sake of it. Sure, you're getting involved and tweeting - you might get a 'like' or two. Heck, you may even get a retweet. 

But there's no point in answering if you're not going to be honest. 

Show your followers who you really are and be authentic with the chats you get involved in. 

As strange as it sounds, they want to know what's going on behind the scenes. They want to hear you voice your issues, values and aspirations. They want to get to know the person behind the blog or biz.

This makes you super personable and shows your audience that you are more than just a 'brand', 'business owner' or 'blogger' - you're a human being.

Top tip: if you aren't interested in the chat topic, you probably shouldn't participate. I spend a lot of time simply observing Twitter chats and replying to people's responses to the host's questions instead of directly answering with my own.

Engage. Engage. Engage.

Twitter chats are all about interacting with other people and building relationships. They're not exactly a solitary affair.

In an average chat, new questions are posted about every 10 minutes or so. Don't just post your answers and wait for the next question - use the time in between questions to engage with other tweeters in the chat.

How can you engage with others in the chat?

  • Like tweets from the chat - follow the chat through the chat's hashtag and like tweets from other people to show that you're listening to them
  • Take it one step further and reply to other tweets in the chat - get a conversation going with a likeminded tweeter. Who knows what could come of it? You gain a new follower, a new collaboration opportunity, or even a new friend!
  • Follow people who have stood out in the chat - if someone posts a similar answer to yours, or you like what they're saying, give them a follow and let them know you want to chat more

Help others

If you're taking part in a chat and see someone has a problem you can solve, help them! I'm a great believer that a little bit of effort goes a long way and taking a minute or two to help someone on Twitter could result in a gaining one more loyal blog reader or even a brand new client!

I am always looking out for anyone with any business, blogging or social media problems within a Twitter chat. If I spot any tweets of this nature, I jump in and provide them with a solution. It's a great way to network, establish my authority and showcase my knowledge!

Use the hashtag

This is one of those things that you'd think would go without saying. However, when I'm taking part in a Twitter chat I always see people posting their answers without the hashtag.

It's basically like going to a party and standing outside the front door the whole night, which is no one's idea of fun.

If you don't use the chat's hashtag,  your tweets won't come up when someone searches the tag. You're missing out on the opportunity to get engagement and join in with the conversation.

Top tip: using the hashtag also makes it easier for your followers to find out what chat you are participating in if they spot your answer. You want your followers to get involved in the chat too, don't you?

Quote tweet everything

Replying to the host's question? Quote tweet! Reacting to someone else's answer? Quote tweet! 

This is fairly simple but it just looks so much neater on your profile. If you reply to the host without putting a full-stop in front of their @handle, your tweets can only be seen by people who follow you and the host. You're shutting a lot of people out.

Quote tweeting solves this problem because all of your followers will see you getting involved in the Twitter chat and they might even join in themselves.

Which Twitter chat is your favourite? Tell me in the comments below!

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I'm so excited to announce that I am co-hosting my very own Twitter Chat!

Here's some more info about #HustleChat:

  • The chats will take place every Thursday at 9pm GMT/5pm EST/2pm PST
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  • Topics will be focused around business - staying motivated, online communities, branding, blogging, etc 
  • Laura of @badassbizmums and myself, @ZoeLinda_, will take turns hosting the chat each week
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That's everything for now - I'll see you on August 4th!

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