Which Social Media Platform is Best for Blog Promotion?

Whenever I write a new blog post, I've got a whole checklist of things to tick off. A massive chunk of that list involves promoting my new post on social media. I've got to pin it, gram it, tweet it - post it everywhere! With so many different options for social media promotion, every blogger has a preferred way of sharing blog posts. Which platforms deliver the most readers and drive the most engagement? I got in touch with some fellow bloggers to find out which platforms they prioritise. ✨

Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Blog Promotion | There are so many ways of promoting your blog on social media but which is the best platform? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Click through to find out!

Cat from Cat Crawford Blog

Blogger with a passion for filmmaking, photography and helping bloggers figure out the world of digital marketing.

What? Twitter

Number of followers? 1,378

Why Twitter? "I get the most clicks through this platform because I make sure to post 3 times a day, at times that are accessible to multiple time zones. I also love that I can promote the same post multiple times and because of the real time aspect of Twitter, it doesn't appear 'spammy'. I'm constantly exposing a new audience to my tweets because the audience for the hashtags I use is constantly changing at different times of the day."

Most successful shared post: "My most popular post on Twitter has been my 5 Benefits Of Having A Unique Domain For Your Blog post. It included a link to my post as well as a picture of my blog image and two blogger related hashtags."

Jessica from Jessica In Your Ear

A fashion, food and lifestyle blogger living in Cambridge.

What? Pinterest

Number of followers? 1,500

Why Pinterest? "I get the most click throughs for 'instruction' style posts, such as recipes and mostly fitness. I love Pinterest because even old posts carry on driving traffic to your blog. For example, [my most sucessful shared] post is a year and half old but drove over 3,000 visitors to my blog last month!"

Most successful shared post: 30 Day Ab And Squat Challenge

Anna from In The Playroom

A parenting and lifestyle blogger.

What? Pinterest

Number of followers? 319,900

Why Pinterest? "I find Pinterest the most effective social media for me. It's my #1 referrer most days and I have 319,900 followers currently. The lifespan of a pin is so much longer than a Facebook update, or a tweet. I love the way that Pinterest continually sends traffic to my older content as well as my new posts, especially now that Search has become more important in the way that Pinterest works."

Most successful shared post: These are a couple of my posts which are always popular on Pinterest: Frozen Cake Ideas & Helping Your Child’s Speech and Language

Yasmina from The July Journal

The July Journal’ is my little place on the corner of the internet to share my thoughts on all the things I love. You can expect to see beauty reviews, hauls, recipes and personal life posts on a daily basis.

What? Twitter

Number of followers? 1,346

Why Twitter? "I think Twitter is extremely helpful as many people have it and it’s really accessible to everyone, including brands. Using hashtags related to your posts or bloggers who you want to read your blog is really helpful to and I think that generates a lot of traffic to your blog as well."

Michelle from The Purple Pumpkin Blog

You’ll find photography, food, crafts, Disney, family life, parties, reviews, travel, printables, days out, music, fashion…

What? Pinterest

Number of followers? 163,300

Why Pinterest? "I'm a very visual blogger, and Pinterest is very visual too, for me, my blog and Pinterest go hand in hand!"

Most successful shared post: Free Olaf Printable

Elena from Eat, Wear, Travel

Lifestyle blogger in London.

What? Facebook

Number of followers? 19,950

Why Twitter? "I am really engaging my audience with lots of posts throughout the day, but I make sure to not be annoying. So close to 3-4 posts are enough."

Most successful shared post: Top 10 Best Foundations

Final Thoughts


Pinterest is a great way to drive more traffic to your site. It's not for every blog, but if you have an account you should definitely be pinning your blog posts. The sharing lifecycle is a lot longer than it's rivals, so make it easy for readers to share your blog posts by installing a 'Pin It' button and including Pinterest with your social links.

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Twitter is a great place to share your posts as long as you keep at it frequently. Don't be shy about posting more than you would usually - posting up to ten times a day is completely fine. Keep the traffic flowing by tweeting links to your old blog posts too. 

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I've found many bloggers to be having a bit of a tough time with Facebook recently. The algorithm isn't exactly the best thing for smaller blog + biz Facebook pages. Though a strong focus on videos and images really helps to push your posts to the top of someone's feed. Personally, I get a lot more traffic from contributing to Facebook groups than posting on my page.

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What social media platform do you prioritise when promoting a new blog post? Let me know in the comments.

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