30+ Ways To Spring Clean Your Blog and Social Media (Plus FREE Quick Fix Checklist)

Spring has officially sprung and Summer is on the way. It’s time to start thinking about cleaning up your blog and social profiles. From your Facebook page’s cover photo to all those badges in your blog’s sidebar, everything can get quite messy over the year - so I’m going to help you get your act together and spruce everything up! Grab the virtual polish and the rubber gloves, we’re going to brush the dust off your blog! ✨

30+ Ways to Spring Clean Your Blog and Social Media | Zoe Linda

Your Blog

Whether you’re a new blogger or a blogging veteran, you’re likely to have a few things you need to sort out on your blog. If having a clean, slick and organised blog is your aim, you’re in the right place! Let’s get started then, shall we?

Update Your Sidebar

Does your sidebar need some attention? Here are some ways you can spring clean your sidebar:

  • Rewrite your bio - ‘Laura, 23, London’ doesn’t give much information on what your blog is actually about. Give your readers a taste of the type of blog posts you write so they know what to expect as soon as they land on your website.
  • Add social media icons (or double check the links are working if you have some already) - There have been so many times when all I want to do is follow a blogger on Twitter but it takes me a while to find their social links. Don’t be this person! Sort your links out now so it’s super easy for your readers to follow you across all platforms.
  • Get rid of all those blogging badges - Yeah, I said it. They look so messy and unprofessional to me. They don’t achieve anything and they waste so much space in your sidebar. Replace your badges with your Twitter or Instagram feed or links to your most popular posts.
  • Add a sign up form for your newsletter (if you have one) - Do you have a mailing list for your blog? Woohoo! Then you’re going to need a sign up form in your sidebar. This will encourage more of your readers to sign up and join your tribe!

Revitalise Your Most Popular Blog Posts

Use Google Analytics or your blog’s analytics page to find out the 10 most popular blog posts on your site. These 10 pages are long overdue for a makeover - here’s how you should do it:

  • Double check current links - Got through your most popular posts and double check all the links. Maybe you changed your Twitter username or your post links out to a website that doesn’t exist anymore. These are always worth spending the time to double check to save the embarrassment of a reader clicking on a broken link!
  • Add new links to other blog posts - Re-read these 10 posts and add link to any of your newer posts that may be relevant. For example, if you wrote about your favourite books for bloggers and a few months later did a follow up post on your favourite books for starting a business, you could add links to each of these in the other article. This will help readers find even more of your content when they are reading your most popular posts.
  • Create Pinnable images - If you’ve read my list of things to do before you publish a blog post, you’ll know how important it is to create Pinterest optimised images. These encourage readers to pin your post (which is AMAZING for blog promotion) and make your content stand out on Pinterest (which is AMAZING for blog promotion).

Spruce Up Your About Page

When I revamped my website, I really avoided rewriting my about page. C’mon, no one likes talking about themselves. But my page at the time was so bland and boring - it needed a miraculous makeover. I got rid of all the ‘meh’ and replaced it with ‘YEAH’ and now I’m super chuffed with it!

Here are 5 things your about page needs:

  • A killer first line - Really get your readers excited to learn more about you
  • A backstory - What made you start your blog? Why do you love blogging? Tell your readers who you are and how you got here
  • A photo of you - If someone had said this to me a year ago, I would have said “bleugh, no way!” But when I redesigned my site, I realised the importance of having my face on my blog. It humanises you and shows your readers the face behind the words. If you don’t have a photo of you on your blog anywhere, add one now!
  • A description of your blog - A first time reader will want to know the type of content you post - so tell them! Do this well and you could have converted a casual browser to a full-on blog subscriber
  • Some fun facts - Make yourself personable and tell some fun facts about you. Have 5 dogs and a turtle? Or maybe you can play the piano? Tell us! These tidbits make you more than just any ol’ blogger

Update Your Contact Page

It’s so important to have a contact page on your blog. If someone is interested in collaborating or sponsoring a post, you want to make it incredibly easy for them to get in touch. 

Make sure both of these details on your contact page are correct and up to date:

  • Your email address - This goes without saying but your email address needs to be up to date for people to get in touch with you. I’ve seen a few sites where the email has an extra full stop or an added letter - this can be so easily avoided if you double check it
  • Your social media links - If you don’t have your social media links on your contact page, add them now! This is one of the first places people will look to find your social links

Sort Out Your Labels/Categories 

One of my biggest pet peeves is bloggers using labels like they are Instagram hashtags. Labels/categories on blogging platforms are there purely for organisational purposes. You should have a set number of categories and labels for your blog. 

If you run a beauty blog, for example, you might want your categories to be ‘Eyes’, ‘Face’, ‘Lips’, etc and your labels to be ‘mascara’, ‘foundation’, ‘eyeliner’, etc. Labels like ‘black’ and ‘Boots’ aren’t going to help you organise your blog. Keep the number of labels and categories you have to a minimum.

More blog elements

Here are a few more bits and bobs you can take a look at when you’re spring cleaning your blog:

  • Your header - Had the same ol’ header for a while now? Maybe it’s time for a new one. {ADD LINKS TO DESIGNERS}
  • Your footer - Honestly, so many footers are full of shit. Make your footer functional with a few links to your important pages, social media icons and design credit
  • Newsletter sign-up forms - Along with having a sign-up form in your sidebar, you should have an entire page on your blog dedicated to your newsletter. This makes it super easy to share a way for your audience to get involved in your mailing list

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Your Social Media

Now you’ve had a good thorough clean out of your blog, it’s time to take some steps towards slicker social media profiles! I've written about quick ways to perfect your social media profiles before but let's break it down for you again:


Make sure your profile photo is the same for each of your social media profiles. This makes you recognisable, familiar and consistent. Don't let this fool you into thinking that your bios should be the same too - these should vary for each profile depending on the content you post to each platform.


  • Your header - Your Twitter header is one of the first things someone will see when they first visit your profile, so it really needs to shout what you're all about. Make the most of your header by showcasing something you're particularly proud of. If you have your own podcast or your own YouTube channel for example, add this into your header!

  • Your bio - Your Twitter bio needs to be super concise. Describe what you and your blog are all about in 140 characters or less. If you have a mailing list or a freebie available on your site, add a CTA (call to action) for this too - it will encourage more people to get involved!

  • Your link - I hate to say this but I still see so many bloggers without their blog link in their bio. They be cray cray. If you don't have a link to your blog in your Twitter profile, go go go! Add it now!

Facebook 👥

  • Your cover photo - As with Twitter, your Facebook cover photo is extremely important. It's quite a big part of your Facebook page and can give a good first impression - if you get it right
  • Your CTA button - Every Facebook page can have a CTA button. You can see I have a 'Sign Up' button on my page, which links out to my newsletter sign up form on my website. If you don't have a newsletter, you can set it up clicking the button will send an email, send a FB message, go to your shop or even call your number
  • Your page description + link - Again, this goes without saying, but make use of your Facebook page description by telling your audience what your blog is all about and adding a link to your site



  • Your bio - There's not a lot to 'spring clean' on Instagram but your bio is probably the most important thing. Make sure your Instagram bio is clear and concise. What type of content do you post on Insta? Do you mainly post photos of landscapes, or perhaps you're more of a flat-lay gal? Put this in your bio! 
  • Your name - Most people might not realise this but your name (the bold part in your bio) on Instagram is actually searchable. This is why my name is 'Blogging Tips with Zoe Linda' instead of just 'Zoe Linda'. This way, if someone searching 'Blogging Tips', or even just 'Blogging', my account will (hopefully) appear in the search results! My audience are much more likely to search for blogging tips than they are to search for 'Zoe'. Do you blog about a specific thing? Add it into your Insta-name now!
  • Your link - Do I really need to say this again? 😉


  • Your name - Like Instagram, your Pinterest name is searchable. So throw in some keywords here to increase the chances of someone finding your account purely through search
  • Your bio - Again, shout what you're all about and encourage your audience to follow you!

How often do you clean up your blog and social media? Has this blog post helped you at all?

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