25 Blog Post Ideas For When You Have Blogger's Block

Time to 'fess up. I can't be the only one who spends more time thinking of things to blog about than actually writing - can I? Sometimes, planning out posts is one of the best parts of blogging, so it's a real pain when I get a mind blank. Blogger's block happens to the best of us - but it doesn't have to! Keep reading for a list of post ideas for the blogging beginners and the oldies amongst us. 📝

25 Blog Post Ideas For When You Have Blogger's Block | Struggling to come up with new blog post ideas? I've got a whole host of inspiration for you. Click through to see my ultimate guide to article ideas for bloggers!

The Useful Blogger

If your blog serves a real purpose to your reader, they are much more likely to come back. Here are ideas for ways to be useful to your readers.

The Relatable Blogger

Connect with your readers by showing them you are human too. Write personal + relatable posts that will start a conversation between you and your audience.

  • Make an inspirational post by gathering quotes, advice and photos to inspire readers - i.e. Motivational quotes to get you working productively
  • Write a classic rant post and get everything off your chest - i.e. Why do people still litter?!
  • Recently went on holiday? Do a few posts around what you got up to! - i.e. The best parts about New York

The Collaborative Blogger

Working with other bloggers is a win-win: it's a great way to build relationships (win for you) and give your blog a fresh voice (win for your readers)! Here are a handful of ideas for collaborative posts.

  • Profile post - i.e. The best fashion blogger I know....
  • Interview post - i.e. 5 minutes with a professional lifestyle blogger.
  • Gather some quotes from other bloggers to create a crowdsourced blog post! - i.e. Which Social Media platform is best for blog promotion?
  • Please the masses, and write a link round up post - i.e. 20 blogs that you HAVE to follow
  • Pick of the week post - i.e. This week's must read blog...

The Controversial Blogger

Have some problems with current issues? Like to cause a stir? Here are some ideas to write some ideas that will provide food for thought for your readers.

  • See both sides of the argument in a debate post - i.e. Should we be listening to film critics or our friends?
  • Have someone in mind? Write an attack post - i.e. Why XXX's tweet was COMPLETELY out of bounds! Just be careful with this one and make sure you really think it through before you click publish. (We don't want another #BloggerBlackmail incident!)
  • Do a prediction post - i.e. 5 things I think will happen if we vote XXX

The Current Blogger

Jump on relevant news, have your say on a discussion topic and make your blog posts timely with the following ideas.

  • Write a review of a new book/film/album that's causing a stir, but put a spin on it too if you can - i.e. What a 30 year old mum thinks of Taylor Swift's new album...
  • Do a news round up post - i.e. 5 things you might have missed in this week's news. 
  • Create a trend post - i.e. Trends to watch out for this month.
  • React to a piece of news that is relevant to your readers - i.e. What Instagram's New Algorithm Update Means for Bloggers

The Engaging Blogger

Comments, likes, shares - engagement is everything for a blogger. Personally, engagement is more important than page views. The below post ideas will encourage conversation between you and your audience and boost those engagement rates!

  • Question post - i.e. What would you do...?
  • Link back to the above with an answer post - i.e. Your advice and how it helped!
  • The competition/freebie post - i.e. WIN a beauty hamper with XXX
  • The poll post - i.e. Who was your favourite actress of 2014?

Do you have any blog post ideas that you'd add to this guide? Let me know in the comments.

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