How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

Being a solopreneur can get pretty lonely at times. Working from home, only having a few friends and family members that truly understand the world of business - it can get tough.

So, when I need someone to turn to, I head to the world of Facebook groups and I feel surrounded by likeminded biz babes that truly get it.

Facebook groups aren't all about help and advice. Not only can these groups help you to feel like you’re not alone in it all, they are amazing for establishing your authority, increasing exposure for you + your biz, and finding amazing people to collaborate with.

Keep reading to find out how to best utilise all those Facebook groups you’re in. 👥

How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Biz | Find out how to utilise all those Facebook groups you are in to grow your business. This blog post is perfect for creatives and entrepreneurs. Click through to up your Facebook game and get access to my list of 50+ Facebook groups for free!

Introduce yourself

Whenever you join a new group, don't hesitate to take the time to introduce yourself and let everyone know what you and your biz all about. This will give you a chance to start conversations with other members and meet new peeps. You never know, you might end up meeting a potential client or customer! Try to keep this organic and don't breach into the realm of self-promotion. 

Top tip: Some Facebook groups have an introductory thread you can comment on - this will most likely be pinned to the top or in the group’s description. 

Use the groups as a resource

Facebook groups are a great resource for getting to know your target audience. If you utilise the groups you are in, you can have a much better understanding of their issues and pain points around your biz topic.

For example, if you are creating a blog post or an e-course about Squarespace, you can just search for ‘Squarespace’ in the search bar of the group and viola! You've found a whole host of posts about Squarespace. You can find out what your peeps are having problems with and keep note of them to make sure you are solving these issues.

This works the other way around too. If you have a question about a topic yourself, you can use the search function to find all the posts related to that topic. I like to think of it as a much friendlier and personable Google search!

Be resourceful yourself

Take the time to answer people's questions and comment on their posts. Imagine Facebook groups as big community parties - you don’t want to be the one lurking in the corner. You should treat others how you would like to be treated yourself - you can't expect to get a bunch of people helping you with your problem if you don't take the time to help others. Be helpful, be friendly, and be resourceful! People will remember who you are once you’ve helped them a few times. 

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Turn 'Highlights' notifications on

When you're a member of a BIG group, the notifications can get quite overwhelming. Tackle this by setting your notifications to 'highlights'. With this on, you'll get notified when your friends post but you'll also get an alert if there is a post that Facebook thinks you would be interested in! Handy, eh? This is great to turn on if you usually struggle to engage with other member's posts.

Check the rules before you post

Facebook group rules are really important and some admins take them very seriously (believe me - I learnt this the hard way). If you're unsure about something you're posting, double check the rules or ask the admin if it's okay before you post it in the group.

Join groups that are relevant to your readers

It's tempting to hang out in groups with your peers but you should also be spending time in Facebook groups with your target audience. For example, if your target audience are foodies, then join a bunch of food related groups - that’s where your audience will be! These groups are where you should be spending most of your time engaging with other members.

Join groups full of likeminded peeps

It’s important to be where your audience are but don’t forget to treat yourself. Find where your peers are hanging out and join in! There are a countless number of Facebook groups for blog + biz owners (in fact, I have one of my own). If you have a question about your biz, these groups should be your first stop. 

Connect with fellow biz owners

I have made so many connections through Facebook groups that have genuinely helped me grow my biz. If someone comments on your post, get a conversation going with them! Ask them about their biz, where they’re from, what they’re all about - you never know, ten minutes spent chatting to someone on Facebook could result in a great friendship!

What are your favourite Facebook groups to get involved in? Let me know in the comments.

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