3 Simple Ways to WOW Your Clients + Customers

I LOVE working with clients. I love helping clients one-to-one and providing a unique, bespoke service for each individual I work with. Sure, it's my job (and I job I've chosen to do) but I don't want it to feel like that for my clients. I want them to feel like they are the only client in the world. Yes, I'm now singing Rihanna to myself. 🎶 There are some really simple ways to perfect your client experience and really go the extra mile to knock your customers' socks off! Let's go through them now! 🎉

3 Simple Ways to WOW Your Clients and Customers | Working with individuals can be a hard task, but you want to make it feel like a breeze for your clients and customers! These tips are perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners and creatives looking to boost their client relationships and customer experience! Click through to hear my 3 simple ways to really impress your clients!

Make the payment process super easy

Get off on the right foot and set a professional standard from the outset by making your invoices clear, pretty, and (most importantly) easy to pay

I used to use PayPal invoices for everything before I realised that their fees were ridiculous and they withheld my money for long periods of time (*insert angry emoji here*). Looking around at other accountancy and invoicing softwares, I quickly found that Wave was the way to go! 🌊

As well as having lots of great features I've rambled on about before, Wave has an awesome invoicing feature - it lets clients pay via credit card on the invoice. It's honestly amazing. It means that clients can easily pay as soon as they open the invoice and I get paid sooner - it's a win:win situation! 

Write a handwritten Thank You card

Who doesn't love a bit of snail mail nowadays? 🐌

Just a little bit of extra effort goes such a long way with clients and spending the time to write your clients and customers a handwritten card to say 'thank you' will really show them that you value their custom. 

If you sell services, you can send a card once they've booked you to say a big 'thank you' for choosing to work with you.

On the other hand, I send my clients a card once my work has come to an end to say 'thanks' for a joyful experience of working together!

For all you product-based businesses out there, pop a handwritten note in your packages before you ship them out. This will make a pleasant surprise for your customers when they open their parcels! 💌

Always go the extra mile

Like I said, a tiny bit of effort goes a long way with clients. I always try to go above and beyond what my clients expect of me. This could mean anything from spending an extra 5 minutes on a report to doing a little additional work for no cost.

They are spending their hard earned money on your products or services - so make it worthwhile for them and make it an enjoyable experience! 💕

Here are some ideas for you to go the extra mile for your clients or customers:

  • provide them with a free worksheet/checklist along with your service
  • pop a discount code in your packages when sending off your products
  • send a personal email to your clients/customers on their birthday
  • check-in with your clients a month or so after working with them to see if they need help with anything else
  • if possible, offer to take them out for lunch or a coffee to get to know them better
  • if they have spent big bucks on your services, send them a personalised gift hamper!

What do you do to make your clients and customers feel like a V.I.P?

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