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Hashtags are great, we know that - but, they are also a giant pain to research and keep up with. With my Ultimate Instagram Hashtag Database all you have to worry about is choosing your niche and the rest is "Copy + Paste City"!

Handpicked Hashtags

These hashtags aren't randomly sourced or copied from another list of hashtags. I have worked long and hard to make sure each tag is of a high standard and is filed under the right category in the database.

35+ Categories

From weddings to branding, from bullet journalling to photography, I've got everything covered. There's a more detailed list below but if you don't find what you're looking for, just let me know and I'll work to add it into the database!

Video Walkthrough

If you're not confident at using Google Sheets, don't worry. I'll walk you through how to best utilise the database, including how to search across different niches and how to sort + filter columns.

Time-Saving Techniques

If you purchase the Ultimate Instagram Hashtag Database, you'll also receive a guide about hashtags and how to best use them. Within this guide, I'll be sharing my time-saving hashtag technique that helps me tag 30 hashtags within seconds of posting on Instagram.

"I had been avoiding writing hashtags because it's time consuming and I never know which ones to use.

This hashtag database was so clear, specific, and easy to use

I love that there's so many categories so I don't feel pigeonholed into one topic on my Instagram." - Maya of Maya Elious