hashtags. LIVES. algorithms.

With new features to discover, updates to learn about, themes to maintain, algorithms to understand, Instagram can be extremely overwhelming.

It's hard enough to juggle your overflowing inbox, your content creation schedule, and redesigning your website (again!). Then you have to figure out how to grow a frickin' Instagram account as well?!


But whenever you feel like you're actually getting somewhere with Instagram, the algorithm changes and you're back to square one.


let me guess where you're at...

> Your feed doesn't flow - You're worried that your lack of consistent content is letting you down and deterring your ideal audience away.

> You're struggling to reach your target audience - You need to find your target audience so you can turn them into loyal customers, clients, and readers of your blog!

> Your following is growing but your engagement sucks - You're not seeing a change in what really matters: your comments, clicks + conversions. 



you've built an engaged community

You find your community flourishing around you and, best of all, you know how to make the most of it. Your followers turn into loyal blog readers, email list subscribers, client leads, and regular buyers. You never knew Instagram could be such a powerful tool for your blog or business!

you have a clear + intentional strategy

You have an actionable + easy to implement strategy that will help you grow your community, drive traffic to your blog, turn followers into clients, and comments into sales.

your blog or business is growing by the day

Your account is sending ripples throughout your blog or business. One comment turns into a private message and, before you know it, you've booked yourself a new client!



I didn't have much of a plan aside from posting frequently. Zoe showed me how to strategically use Instagram to increase my following and engagement in a way that is meaningful to my business

I'm not even done with the course and I've already seen an improvement! Instagrowth is the perfect course for anyone who is looking to up their Instagram game and get results!" - Allyssa of Allyssa Barnes


Instagrowth is an effective and actionable course that will help you take your account from 😩 to 😍

My simple step-by-step system will guide you through building a strong foundation for your Instagram, creating killer content, and making authentic connections with your target audience.

Engagement + authenticity are pillars of Instagrowth. This isn't the promise of hundreds and thousands of faceless followers. It's a series of intentional steps that will help you grow an engaged and loyal community.


save 51% on the course

The Instagrowth online course + community is $97 - if that's not your thing, the 80+ page workbook (filled with every single lesson, strategy, step, worksheet, and guide in Instagrowth) is only $47 


what will you learn in the workbook?

I will teach you my step-by-step strategy to help you authentically grow your Instagram account in 30 days. I will help you set your foundation, find your theme, create killer content, and grow your tribe on Instagram.

module zero: laying the foundations

Discover Your Why

Your 'why' is the reason behind everything you do in your blog or business. We will talk about The Golden Circle and how this affects the purpose of your Instagram account.

Define Your Niche

You'll learn the importance of being niche and how to define your own niche. I'll also help you refine your ideal audience and create an audience avatar.

Set Your Goals

You've found your 'why' and defined your niche. Now it's time to set some goals for the course, using my goal setting worksheet, for focus + accountability.

module one: perfect your profile

Your Account Details

From your username to choosing a business or personal account, we'll cover the nitty gritty in the first lesson of this module.

Boss Your Bio

Here is where you'll create an engaging and enticing bio for your account that leaves your ideal audience craving more! You'll also learn how (and where) to add keywords into your account to maximise your reach.

Utilise Your Link

You only get one link on Instagram - don't waste it! I'll walk you through how to best use your coveted #linkinbio so you can get more readers, clients + customers on your website.

module two: find your theme

Brainstorm Your Content

Get creative with your Instagram posts! Learn all the different types of content you can post to Instagram and how to find out what works best for your audience.

Setting Your Scene

Colour schemes, props + backgrounds: these are all things you need to keep your branding consistent on Instagram and create killer photos for your feed.


Do you need a theme? Is having a theme 'inauthentic'? How do I change themes? All of your questions on Instagram themes are answered in this lesson!

module three: create killer content

Creating Your Content

Get over your creative block and start creating content! Learn how to create a mini-studio in your home + how to create branded graphics.

Writing Your Captions

I'll walk you through how to set your brand' voice, how to tell your story + provide value, and become an absolute caption writing pro!

Planning Your Feed

Once you've got all this content, you'll need someone to put it! We'll look at the best Instagram planning apps out there including an in-depth tutorial on my go-to app, Planoly.


module four: grow your tribe

Hashtags 101

Wrap your head around the mystery that is Instagram hashtags! With this lesson, you're bound to see your engagement sky-rocket!

Building Authentic Engagement

This is my juicy growth strategy! You'll learn more about Instagram's ever-changing algorithm, how to connect with your ideal audience, and how to engage with them whilst keeping everything realistic, manageable, and authentic!

Going Live

Scared to hit that 'go live' button on Instagram? I'll help you overcome your fears and utilise Instagram live.


instagrowth workbook faqs

How long do I have access to the workbook?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this workbook for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You can also download the workbook and print it as you'd like.

What if I am unhappy with the workbook?

I would never want you to be unhappy! I'm confident the strategies in this workbook will work for you but if for any reason they do not, please email me within 30 days and I'd be happy to give you a full refund.

Is the workbook printable?

Yep! It's designed to work with your printer and A4 paper. You can even get it professionally printed and bound if you want it to feel like a *proper* workbook!

What if I decide I want to invest in the Instagrowth e-course?

With your workbook, you'll receive a 50% discount code to Instagrowth so you're not paying for the workbook twice!



Even though I had a love/hate relationship with Instagram, I thought I knew most of what I needed to know about it.. But, Instagrowth took that knowledge to the next level... then to the level AFTER that. This course provides exceptional examples of what to do, what to avoid, and, most importantly, WHY.

Instagrowth provides the step-by-step instructions and strategies to help any business owner conquer Instagram... and take that love/hate relationship back to love." - Britt of Home Sweet Hyatt Studios



So I started an entirely new account for my newest blog when I went through Modules 0-2.  I created a posting schedule, set up Planoly and created Canva templates for each day of the week.

Three weeks later and I have nearly 200 followers and am starting to see clicks from my posts to my website I feel I understand Instagram better simply down to Zoe's easy to follow course.  And I haven't even finished it yet!" - Angela of The Blogging Blog



I had been on Instagram for some time but wasn't engaged with the platform and had really lost direction. This course helped me get more focused in my posting strategy, tighten up my bio and start connecting with a lot more people.

The modules are easy to follow and full of useful information. The recommended tools and links help you find the best way to make Instagram work for you and cut down on those baffling "Where to start?!" thoughts

Finally, the "Growth strategy timetables" were the ultimate gift. I've downloaded them and really envisage these will help me build on the work I did during the course and help me grow my Instagram presence even further without feeling overwhelmed. This course was definitely worth both the time and money - I certainly recommend it!" - Donna of Donna Brown