Do you realize you can build a creative career you love *without* accepting all-consuming burnout as a regular part of business?

We’ve been so swallowed up by hustle culture and bro-preneur productivity that you can forget there are other options.

You love your work, obvs. And there’s a LOT you wanna do with your career. But for you, productivity is more than that. You already know how to "work smart" and put in hours. All too well!

What you *really* need help with is TURNING OFF your workaholic tendencies…


how to tell when a nap is the answer to that problem you’ve been obsessing over for HOURS


knowing when to call it a day on your to-do list and open up Netflix for the night


taking time to find a new hobby (remember having hobbies?!)


realising you haven’t seen your friends and family (or gone outside) at ALL recently

You need to learn to balance *wanting* to go after everything (a podcast! an online course! making your dog Insta-famous!)...

With *needing* to take care of yourself (actual weekends off, daily routines, and of course, regular dance breaks! 🕺).

After all, the reason you REALLY care about "working smart" is so you can have things OTHER than work going on for yourself.