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You're in the right place if...

> Your audience is getting stagnant. Your audience are getting less and less engaged in what you post and your number of followers doesn't seem to be increasing.

You want someone to walk you through how to best use certain platforms. If you're just not "getting" Instagram or Pinterest, keep reading. I've got just the thing for you.

Your engagement levels are low. You're not getting the engagement you'd like for the content you're posting. You know you need a strong social media strategy in place to grow your blog + biz!

> You're not getting the conversions you need. You don't have social profiles for no reason - you want more customers & clients! BUT you're not getting the booking, you're not making the sales, and you want that to change.

You want to hit 'reset' on your social media profiles. You're not happy with how they look and feel at the moment and you want a thorough spruce up. 


With all of my social media strategy packages, you'll be receiving:

  • bespoke advice
  • in-depth and thorough critique of your chosen social media profiles
  • actionable and easy-to-implement strategies

I'll walk you through how to make the most of these platforms for your business. And this isn't generalised advice that can be regurgitated from client to client. No. You're getting personalised advice, strategic support and VIP treatment direct from me!


Pinterest is a killer resource for your blog or biz - if you use it correctly. 

With my Pinterest Makeover, you'll get the following:

  • An In-depth Critique of Your Pinterest Profile
  • A Complete Profile Makeover
  • A Complete Overhaul of Your Boards
  • Updated Pin Descriptions for Your Blog's Pins
  • Personalised Pinterest Keywords Document
  • Bespoke Easy-To-Implement Strategy

Your strategy will include Pinnable content suggestions, recommendations for new boards, group boards you should be joining, and what your next steps should be.

Prices for this package start at £247/$300

Sarah had a 1754% increase on her Pinterest impressions

"Zoe is amazing; she made over my Pinterest account and gave me a fantastic strategy to implement myself. She led me through the process so I understood each step and answered any questions I had, going above and beyond.

I would highly recommend Zoe, and I would definitely use her services again!" - Sarah of Wonderland Graphic Design


Laura's impressions grew by 12,000 a day

"I worked with Zoe in September this year, and took advantage of a number of her Pinterest focused services. She even set up my Boardbooster for me. Zoe’s support proved invaluable when it came to growing my Pinterest account. My Pinterest daily impressions were struggling at around 2,000 a month, but my most recent stats show 14,621! 

Zoe was wonderful to work with, despite my many questions and multiple emails! I’m looking forward to seeing where I can take Pinterest account - it’s already doing great things for my blog!" - Laura of Day Dreaming Foodie


Instagram is a goldmine of potential new customers and clients and an awesome tool for growing your brand and building a community for your business or blog.

With your Instagram Intervention package, you'll get:

  • In-depth Critique of Your Instagram Profile
  • A Complete Profile Makeover
  • Custom List of Hashtags to Grow Your Account
  • Personalised Instagram Strategy

Your strategy will include creative content recommendations, a mock-up of your Instagram theme, an example posting schedule, and the best ways to engage your target audience.

This package is an investment of £247/$300


Jessica finally hit 1,000+ Instagram followers!

"I am beyond happy with how my Instagram engagement and following increased after working with Zoe! She has quick turn around times and is willing to answer any and all of your questions!

I plan to hire her for help with my Pinterest and Website as well. Highly recommended." - Jessica of Jessica Merrill Photography


Kath's Instagram feed got the refresh it needed

"Zoe really 'listened' to what I had to say about my ideal client type and came up with ideas that would suit how to 'speak' to her in terms of visual/Instagram marketing. Visual marketing and graphic design is not my forte, so Zoe's suggestions, ideas and mock-up really helped me 'see' how to reach my ideal client through Instagram.

Zoe went above and beyond to analyze what worked and didn't work in my IG profile and the link to my website. Zoe's recommendations were easy to implement and not overwhelming." - Kath of Kath O'Malley


Sam's blog traffic increased like crazy

"What I needed was quick, actionable social media advice and Zoe delivered just that! The strategies that Zoe gave me to up my Pinterest game were not only powerful, but they were easy to implement.

Zoe explained the reasons behind her suggestions, to ensure I knew exactly why I was doing the things she recommended, and tailored her strategies to fit my niche, resulting in an increase in traffic from my target market! For no fluff social media strategy that works - you can't go past Zoe!" - Sam of Brand IT Girl

the complete overhaul

Welcome to the MAC equivalent of my makeover packages.

In The Complete Overhaul, you'll be treated to everything in my Pinterest Makeover and Instagram Intervention packages but we'll also work through, improve and strategise your Facebook and Twitter accounts too.

You'll receive a bespoke, in-depth and thorough critique of all your social media profiles. These critiques will contain actionable advice for you to handle independently or you can pass the bat to me.*

You'll also receive a complete social media makeover. I'll whip out my virtual make-up brushes and make sure your social profiles are glowing! We're talking profile & cover photo recommendations, engaging and SEO friendly bios, and strong call to actions to get your audience engaged from the moment they hit 'follow'.

Detailed Social Media Strategy

In The Complete Overhaul, we'll travel deep into the world of social media strategy. I'll put together a personalised strategy and guide to social media for you and your business.

This bespoke strategy will include:

  • what to post on each platform
  • personalised posting schedule for each platform
  • creative content ideas and recommendations
  • where to find your ideal audience online
  • how to engage your potential customers & clients
  • a mock-up of your new Instagram theme
  • lists of hashtags to grow your audience on Instagram
  • list of keywords to use on Pinterest

This bundle is worth £987/$1,207 but you can grab it for £647/$797 today!

Want something smaller?

If you are interested in elements of a package and not the entire package itself, that's fine too!

For example, you may want a bespoke list of hashtags for your Instagram account but not an entire profile makeover. 

Just let me know with the form below and I'll see what I can do for ya!

* I more than happy to help with extra bits and pieces though this could incur an additional fee.

Disclaimer: USD prices quoted on this page are based on exchange rate at time of writing and are subject to change.