you *know* working with affiliates will increase your income but you’re overwhelmed by all the moving pieces

Has an affiliate program been on your to-do list for months? You have a digital product you want to sell more of and affiliates are a great way to do that but you’re struggling to get started.

Or perhaps you have a program but your affiliates aren’t making the number of sales you expected? You’ve got a group of affiliates in your program but they aren’t engaged in your promotions and you can’t seem to figure out why.

You’re following others who are making bank with affiliate programs but you can’t seem to get yours off the ground. You want to make sure you’re on the right path and following an expert’s strategy to get the best results for your affiliate program.

You’re in the right place, pal!


an affiliate program strategy will take you from…



You feel overwhelmed by all the moving pieces of starting an affiliate program.

You're confused as to why your program isn't performing and you need an expert opinion.

You're unsure that you're on the right path to creating a profitable affiliate program.

You're struggling to start and grow an affiliate program that is profitable and scalable.


You're excited to have an affiliate program that's streamlined and strategic.

You're confident that your program is heading in the rigth direction.

You have systems in place to easily outsource your affiliate management.

You feel clarity and peace of mind that you have a strategy for your affiliate program.


"I like how everything is so detailed & my favorite is that you have set the timeline for each, so I'm not overwhelmed with "where should I start" and wanting to do all the things from the report.

Since implementing a couple of things like the welcome sequences for the new affiliates, we've seen new affiliates start promoting from the beginning of signing up."

- Kathie of BluChic


This service is for you if:

  • You’re planning on starting an affiliate program but want to start off on the right foot. You’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by everything you need to set up. You want to hit the ground running with an actionable strategy that you or your team can implement.

  • You’ve started an affiliate program but it’s just not performing. You’re frustrated with how much time it’s taking to figure it out and you still aren’t seeing the results you expected. You’d love someone to audit your program to tell you what is and isn’t working.

  • You want to handle your affiliate program in house but need an expert advised strategy. You’re excited to start your affiliate program but you want to make sure you’re going to get the best possible results.

this isn’t for you if:

  • You want someone to set up your affiliate program FOR you. I offer an Affiliate Set-Up Service separately so drop me an email at for more information!

  • You want someone to manage your program on an ongoing basis. This affiliate strategy is a one-off project and doesn’t include any ongoing management of your program. I only take on a selection of affiliate management clients at a time.


what’s included?

custom affiliate strategy

In order to help you start and grow your affiliate program, I’ll create a personalised strategy document for you that will cover:

  • Goals and key dates

  • (If relevant) An audit of your current affiliate program set-up and recommendations

  • Affiliate program launch + growth strategies

  • Influencer niches to focus outreach on

  • Approach and positioning to affiliates

  • Creative content ideas for affiliates

  • Strategies to increase affiliate income

  • Relationship management

If you have anything else you’d like me to touch on, you can let me know before we start the project!

action plan

Instead of giving you a strategy and leaving you to work it out on your own, I’ll give you an action plan so you know what you need to work on and in what order.


I’ll create workflows + SOPs in your chosen project management tool to go hand-in-hand with your strategy. I’ll also create custom video tutorials to go alongside the workflows - perfect for delegating to your team!

60 minute follow-up call

After delivering everything, we’ll get a call booked in where we can walk through the strategy, action plans, and workflows to make sure you’re happy with everything. This is also your chance to ask me any questions about the project!


“We're seeing our best numbers ever as far as sales, which has allowed me to become an even bigger player in the industry and invest in even more resources that are building our brand.

If you have a proven product or a product that's selling a decent amount, Zoe is the key player you need on your team to take things to the next level.”

- Christina of The Contract Shop


how does it work?

  1. We’ll have a quick chat to get to know each other! You get to ask me about anything I haven’t covered and I get to see if this is the best package for your needs. When you decide to move forward, I’ll send you an invoice + agreement and get you set up in a private Asana project!

  2. You’ll complete a questionnaire about your affiliate program goals, your audience, and your product. I’ll also ask you to send over relevant software logins via LastPass so I can do a thorough audit of your program setup. I’ll also ask to be invited into your project management tool so I can set up an Affiliate Program project and workflows for you and your team!

  3. I’ll get to work on creating your personalised affiliate strategy. This is the meat of the project so you can expect this to take a couple of weeks!

  4. After receiving feedback on the strategy, I’ll start your action plan + timeline to help you turn the strategy into reality!

  5. Time to create workflows! These will go in your PM tool alongside your strategy so you know how to implement everything step-by-step. I’ll also create personalised trainings for you and your team to watch so the processes are super clear.

  6. Time to wrap this baby up! We’ll book a 60 minute call to talk through the strategy and workflows together. You’ll have a chance to ask any extra questions so you can feel confident that your affiliate program is going in the right direction!


How long does this take?

For this package, I typically like to allow for one month from start to finish. If you need something more immediately, let me know and I’ll see if I can squeeze you in for a rush fee.

does this include any implementation?

This package is purely strategy based but I do create workflows and SOPs to make it super duper easy for you to delegate out to your team (or a VA I can recommend)!

Sounds amazing! What’s the investment?

You can book this package for £697, which includes the strategy document, action plan + timeline, workflows + trainings, and a 60 minute consult call.

You’ll also get peace of mind that you’re following the right path for your program, confidence in your strategy, and more time working on what you actually enjoy instead of figuring out all this affiliate ish for yourself.

(Payment plans are available upon request.)

Jamie Jensen.png

“Zoe is so savvy and smart with all of the affiliate tech, systems, and best practices.

If you’re worried you can't handle affiliate marketing, and know you’re holding yourself back as a result, Zoe will swoop in and solve all of that for you!”

- Jamie of The Jamie Jensen


i want in! what’s next?

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