Meet Megan

"Zoe's Influencer Marketing Masterclass is a beautifully designed and easily digestible e-course that gives in-depth and actionable education for smart brands who want to tap into the growing Millennial phenomenon that is Influencer Marketing.

As an influencer in the creative market, I have seen countless business owners approach influencer marketing with dismal results due to a lack of understanding of the ins and outs of this newer marketing avenue, but Zoe's masterclass will carefully walk you through creating a powerful and relational strategy that leads to profitable results with key influencers in your market!"

- Megan of Megan Martin Creative

Meet Kayla

"Zoe is an influencer marketing pro! She knows how to create connections and strategies that actually get results. She's built up networks and genuine connections with bloggers and influencers who can share information about your product.

She'll be a great resource for anyone looking to build their influencer marketing!"

- Kayla Kurin of Do Good, Be Social