I'M ZOE, nice to e-meet you πŸ‘‹

I help digital product creators increase their passive income and scale their business through affiliate marketing.

I've worked within the world of influencer marketing for the past four years and I've seen it all. Big budgets, no budget, fussy fees, brilliant blogger collabs - the works. That said, I noticed the more influencer outreach gets picked up by brands, the less meaning those collaborations have. I want to change the way influencers and businesses work together. Learn more about my mission here β†’

Keep reading to learn more about me, my story, and why living a purposeful life means so much to me...

my story

Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by business-minded family and I developed a major entrepreneurial streak. From in-house tuck shops to selling board games off on eBay, I would start small "businesses" at home after school and print out posters to put up around the house. How did my parents put up with me? πŸ™ˆ

Following my love of arts and leading, I studied Arts + Events Management at university and found my true calling: marketing. I took modules in creative entrepreneurship, arts strategy, business planning, and *shudders* risk assessments but nothing fuelled my fire like a good social media campaign πŸ™Œ I'd finally realised what I wanted to work towards in life when the unthinkable happened.

I lost my mum and my aunt (my mum's sister) within 18 months of each other. After suffering through what felt like the worst time of my life, I came out the other end with a huge shift in perspective. 

Things that were once extremely important to me suddenly seemed minuscule and "major problems" in my life weren't actually problems at all. I began to realise how lucky I am, in comparison to most people, and I started to focus on becoming more mindful of myself and others and practicing gratefulness instead of focusing on the negativity around me 😌

I left university on a Friday and by Monday I was in London where I'd landed my dream job at a digital marketing agency for major film studios.

A few weeks into my job, I realised that there was a huge lack in blogger and influencer collaborations for each film campaign. I made it my personal mission to up the agency's influencer game and build up a network of bloggers + YouTubers to work with.

In the end, I became the go-to influencer gal 😎 I was the first person to talk to about an influencer idea and I played a key role in the development of this side of the agency.

Because of my difference in perspective to most, I began to find my job to be an extremely difficult environment to be in.

Like most agencies, there was a fair amount of office politics and unnecessary bullshitting to clients, which went completely against my personal values. I also started to develop a social anxiety and client meetings became a living hell. I felt so rushed around and stressed to the point of exhaustion that I wasn't thinking clearly or doing my job to the best of my ability.

I felt enough was enough. I made the move back to the countryside and started to work for myself. I felt a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Suddenly, I was in control of my own happiness - I could put my values first and say "no" to bullshit.

Though the solopreneur life can be tough at times, I slowly began to gain my confidence back and battle my social anxiety with the help of friends, family, and online business besties ✊

Now? I've been working under the umbrella of influencer marketing for nearly 4 years and have found my true calling in the world of affiliate programs. From setting up clients’ affiliate tech, to creating bespoke strategies, to managing the entire thing, I’ve covered every aspect of running affiliate programs and I LOVE teaching people how to do it for themselves.

fun facts

Okay, now the serious part is over, I can tell you some fun facts about yours truly. How many of these do you recognise within yourself? πŸ™‹

- I have a three year old doggo, Nala, who is just the goofiest damn dog you'll ever meet

- I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan (did you catch the lightning bolt in my logo?) πŸ€“

- I'll take a Grande Decaf Caramel Macchiato over a green smoothie any day of the week

- I'm super organised - like, to the point where it's almost a bit too much

- I'm a big film + TV nerd. I have two 500 slot DVD wallets FULL of movies and boxsets. They're indexed and in genre order, of course!

- My favourite film is The Social Network - super fitting, right?

- I'm a Ravenclaw but I'm not bias to other Hogwarts houses at all. Not even Slytherins.

- I love a good board game but I’m not hugely competitive about winning (well, not as much as I used to be πŸ˜…)

- I can't eat bananas without suffering from really bad stomach cramps - so they’re not very aPEELing πŸ˜‰

- I love puns