You Got This: How to Get Out of a Slump

This was originally published in 2016 but it’s so popular that I’ve updated it with some new tips for you all! 🙌

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has phases of being unproductive with no motivation to work.

When you’re ticking things off your to-do list, it feels great - you’re working to the best of your ability, you’re helping your clients or customers, and you’re generally getting shit done.

On the other hand, when you’re feeling a little down about your business, it can have a huge effect on your productivity. It sucks. If I get into a work slump, you’ll find me on the sofa, snuggling the doggo, and playing Dead By Daylight 🎮

I’ve been there before, and I’m sure I’ll be there again, but I always find my way out of it!

Whether it’s business or personal, these tips and tricks will help you beat your blues, find your motivation and get back onto the right track! You'll also be able to grab my free Goal Getter Goodies bundle to help you stay focused when you're out of your slump! 💕 

How to Get Out of a Slump | Getting into a slump when you really want to be a productive can suck. Whether it's business related or personal, I have some helpful tips for you in this blog post! Click through to read my tips on how to get out of a slump and grab your FREE goal getter bundle! This blog post is perfect for online business owners, workaholics, and professional bloggers!

Clear your mind

I'm guessing one of the reasons you're in a bit of a slump is because you've got too much going on in that wonderful brain of yours? 

You need to take a moment to step outside of yourself and clear your mind of all the noise.

I can't stress the importance of this first step enough. You're not going to be able to get out of your slump unless you have a thorough detox of all your negative thoughts holding you back!

Also, once you start trying to fill your head with ideas, you may not be able to stop - so we need to have a little clear out first!

Here are ways you can clear your mind and get inspired:

  • take a moment to be by yourself (I mean really by yourself) and just breathe

  • go for a long walk in nature - leave your headphones at home!

  • take a bath with candles, calming music and LOTS of bubbles

  • sit in silence - this helps me just be at peace and stay calm but it might not work for everybody!

  • watch an old favourite - watch something you’ve seen again and again so you don’t really need to concentrate. And I’m talking about The Holiday or You’ve Got Mail, not frickin’ Inception 🙈

It doesn't matter HOW you do it, as long as you are taking the time to get your mind clear of obstacles.

As someone who is constantly stressing and worrying, I find this super useful. It’s really nice to be alone and think things through at my own pace.

Action: Once you’ve cleared your mind, come back to your workspace and grab a pen and paper. Write down some thoughts you had whilst you took time to yourself. Did you have any realisations or ideas - business or personal?

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Have some ‘you’ time

Question: How do you get out of a slump without some time to do your own thang?

Answer: You don't.

I usually feel like I have to be working 24/7, but one of the reasons I started my own business was so that I COULD take time to myself.

I'm sure you're probably thinking 'what if I don't have time to do this?' - and my response would be that you need to MAKE time. It's so important to look after yourself and really destress! You can’t fill from an empty cup 😉

We live in a world where it is incredibly easy to access some good ol' forms of escapism and hit 'snooze' on reality. I mean, I don't know about you, but I could play The Sims until the cows come home.

Remember that after all the hustle and bustle, you still need to make sure you're keeping Number 1 happy. Read a book. Watch some Netflix. Dance like nobody's watching!

Do what you love most (and often) or you’ll find yourself overworked and overwhelmed. Nobody wants that!

Action: Think of 3 things that make you really happy (like deep down, warm and fuzzy, happy). Try to do at least one of those things a week.

Think about the good

When you're in a slump, it's easy to get down and think about all the bad things that revolve around your small business or blog. 

If you're wondering how to find motivation, then maybe you should be thinking about what you love about your life.

Do you love working for yourself? Do you feel lucky that you live in your city or neighbourhood? Do you love spending time with your doggo?

You probably need to take it back to your 'why' - think about why you started your business in the first place and what you enjoy about it.

This is really important so you can remind yourself what gives you drive to be productive! Focus on the good, and the bad will fizzle away into nonexistence!

Action: Grab a pen and paper and write down 5 things you LOVE about running your life at the moment - this can be about your business or your personal life, or both! You’ll feel much better for it!

Focus on your end goal

There’s nothing more motivating than a goal. Think about your 'end goal' for your business or blog.

Do you want to be going on four vacations a year?

Perhaps you want to have a three day work week so you can spend more time with your family?

Maybe you want to reach a certain income goal?

Whatever your end goal is, focus on it.

To help you out, you can download my Goal Getter Goodies fo' free and use my Yearly and Weekly goal templates to get focused on your aims & objectives.

You won’t be able to achieve your goals without hard work and determination, so get out of your slump, sista!

Action: Head over here to read my Ultimate Guide To Setting Business Goals and grab your free Goal Getter Goodies below!

Tell me your tips

I hope these tips helped give you a virtual kick up the butt and get you out of your slump - but I'd LOVE to hear what you have to say!

What do you do to get back into the flow of work? Do you have any steps you take to help you tackle roadblocks or advice on how to get inspired?

Let me know in the comments and we'll have a good ol' chat about it :)

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