And I want to use my knowledge to help all you online biz owners out there. Whether you sell products or services, I'm here to help

'Why should we listen to you?' I hear you ask. Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Well, three days after graduating from university, I moved to London and started a career in social media marketing working with some pretty big film studios.

I've got some amazing experiences under my belt: 

  • I set up and community managed countless official film pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram + Pinterest
  • I built an huge network of influencers & worked with them on numerous film campaigns
  • I collaborated with a ton of amazing influencers including KSI, Jim Chapman + Gabriella Lindley
  • I live-tweeted a number of premieres including the Royal World Premiere of SPECTRE
  • I built a film's Instagram account to 2,000 followers in a few days
  • I worked on LIVE Twitter Q&As with some big names including Daniel Craig + Chloe Moretz

Just over 18 months of working this amazing job, I decided I wanted to scale down. I was also tired of the big smoke and wanted to move back home to sunny Suffolk. I needed my friends back - not to mention the fresh air! I wanted to use everything I'd learnt from these BIG campaigns and apply them something smaller. But what?

I'd been running this blog as a social media + blogging resource since I started working full-time and I loved it. More than anything, I loved helping biz owners perfect and polish their social media accounts.

So, I decided to turn my blog into a business and I'm frickin' excited about it.

What do I do?

I can make your biz stand out online through social media + influencer marketing. 

Who is it for?

Online business owners who want to grow their biz and build a tribe of loyal customers through social strategy + influencer outreach campaigns.

What is 'Social Media Strategy'?

If you want to own a business with dedicated and loyal audience, then social media strategy is the path to get there. You can walk, run, cycle the path - heck, you can even take the bus; the method of travel is different for everyone, and you might make some stops along the way, but the destination is still the same.

Other things you should know about me:

  • Authenticity is a real value of mine - so, if you want my feedback on your blog, biz or social media, I'll be 100% honest. It's tough love y'all! 💕
  • I've always been entrepreneurial. My first 'business' was a chocolate shop in my living room called 'Choccy Chocos' - great name, right?
  • I'm an expert in being 'self-taught' - guitar, Photoshop, website design, (very) beginner's Italian. You name it, I'll learn it 😎
  • Film + TV are a pretty big passion of mine 🎬  Watch Game of Thrones, Walking Dead or House of Cards? I'm all ears
  • I'm obsessed with tea. Seriously, I have my own 'tea cupboard'