7 Ways To Practice Self-Care + Avoid Burnout As An Entrepreneur

7 Ways To Practice Self-Care + Avoid Burnout As An Entrepreneur

Pre-S: This is a guest post by the lovely Jessica Watters of Designed By Jess!

Let me be straight here - I really enjoy my work, and I want to be able to run a successful business. However as a psychologist I know that in order to do that, it is essential that I look after myself. Not only is self care super important for our mood and psychological wellbeing, it also plays a really key role in our physical health. If we feel in a slump, feel anxious or depressed, or get physically sick, how can we possibly run a successful business? Stress, anxiety and being overworked leads to burnout and exhaustion, and so to combat this, and run a successful and thriving business, it is crucial that we practice self care.

Self care comes in many forms, it doesn’t have to just mean having a hot bath and trying to relax (although this can be awesome!). This article will highlight 7 ideas to increase self care that you may not have thought of :) 

How To Collaborate With Bloggers To Sell More Infoproducts

How To Collaborate With Bloggers To Sell More Infoproducts

Whether you want to call it ‘influencer marketing’, ‘blogger outreach’, or simply ‘collaborations’, they’re here to stay.

Influencer marketing has been one of the fastest growing marketing strategies over the past few years, but how can you make it work for your educational business?

I have a free email course for you to get started but I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to make influencer marketing work specifically for infopreneurs and online course creators. This is a topic I don’t cover in detail in Clever Collaborations, so I decided to up and write a whole blog post dedicated to it!

In this blog post and free video training, you'll learn:

👥 the fundamentals of influencer marketing
🤔 the difference between influencer marketing and PR
🎯 how to set a goal for your campaign
⚡️ 6 simple collaboration ideas to get you started
☕️ how to warm up the connection with an influencer

Keep reading to learn how to collaborate with influencers to sell more of your educational products, including online courses and e-books. We crossover into the realm of PR a little bit here but bear with me - it’s all gravy 😉

5 Online Courses To Grow Your Business

5 Online Courses To Grow Your Business

After rebranding my business myself without the help of a brand strategist or a website designer, I came to realise that some of us are just suited to the DIY route. 

I've always been like that. When I first started my business, there were a million and one things I just didn't understand. 🙈

When it came to pricing my services and building my website, I grew accustomed to staring at a blank screen. I just didn't *get* Pinterest and affiliate marketing but I saw so many people succeeding in these areas.

I even thought I knew how to create and sell my own online course but it launched to crickets. 

At that point, I didn't have the money to invest in a professional to do everything for me so I had no choice but to take the DIY route to improve my business. That said, there seemed to be a lack of reviews for the online courses I was looking into and I didn't come across many round-up posts of the best e-courses for online business owners.

Let's change that! 🙌 In this blog post, I'm going to talk you through my 5 must-have online courses for kickstarting your business growth. These courses helped me:

  • more than double the prices of my services
  • build a brand new website in under 7 days
  • grew my Pinterest following by 145% in two months
  • went from my $0 to $300 monthly affiliate income
  • increased my Google referrals by 400%
  • make $3,000+ on a course launch

Not only are you going to see my recommendations but you're also going to see a detailed breakdown and review of each course as well as my own personal results from taking the course myself. Keep reading to see my recommendations and reviews! 👇

How To Name Your Business: 6 Rules To Stick By

How To Name Your Business: 6 Rules To Stick By

Got a new business idea? You go girl (or guy)! 🎉

This is such an exciting time for you. You want to chat ideas, create logo concepts and marketing strategies but you have to come up with a name first.

I've always been very entrepreneurial and have had many "business ventures" in my time (I say that with air quotes because they were mostly me setting up shop in the living room and selling things to my parents) so I've had my fair share of creating business names.

Naming your business can be one of the hardest decisions you have to make so you need to take the time to get it right. 

Here are my top tips for how to name a business plus a free worksheet for you to download and keep! 💰

P.S. These tips also work for anyone who needs help naming their blog. The same rules apply