6 Reliable Ways To Build A Successful Email List

6 Reliable Ways To Build A Successful Email List

Imagine a room with 71 people in. It’s not a huge room so it feels pretty busy and guess what? They’re all here to listen to you. You’re going to stand up on a stage and talk to these 71 people about what you know. You’re going to give tips, provide guidance, maybe do a little bit of promo here and there - but mostly, you’re going to try and engage with them. You want them to ask questions, follow your leads, and connect with you on a personal level.

Scary, huh?

Now, imagine fast-forwarding a year and speaking in front of 2,654 people. That’s a big jump in numbers right? That’s the difference between a wedding toast and a TED talk.

Lucky for you, these people aren’t sitting in an auditorium waiting to hear you speak (or squeak as I would)! These 2,654 people are waiting patiently on your email list for you to provide value and engage with them.

So, how do you go from 40 to 2,600+ email subscribers in one year? I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it!

Keep reading to learn:

  • 💌 Why having an email list is so important
  • ⚒ How switching my email marketing software kick-started my growth
  • 📈 My 6 surefire ways to build your email list from scratch

How To Validate and Pre-Sell Your First Digital Product

How To Validate and Pre-Sell Your First Digital Product

When I first started my business, I was NOT prepared for what was to come. I knew I wanted to provide a service but I didn’t realise I would be stepping into a world of online courses, digital products, sales funnels, and launches.

I launched my first e-course to ZERO pre-orders or sales after 2 months of working my little socks off. Not only that but I was extremely burnt out throughout the whole course creation and launch process. I hated creating a course AND doing 101 things to market it at the same time. I’m sure I’m not the only one! 💁🏻

After watching an inspiring webinar (which are as rare as unicorns 🦄), I pulled together a strategy for my upcoming digital product launches. Using this strategy, I saved myself a lot of time and stress - not to mention that I made over $1,500 in sales without a single sales page in sight!

Keep reading to learn more about:

  • 🙈 what went wrong with my first course launch
  • 🔧 my strategy to validate + pre-sell your first digital product
  • 💰 the results of using this strategy for two product launches
  • 💎 ways you can tweak this process to fit your business

The Ultimate Guide On How To Set Business Goals

The Ultimate Guide On How To Set Business Goals

I recently had a major goal and planning session for my business. I felt wide awake at 12:30am and decided to sit down with a blank Google Doc and really think about where I wanted to be by the end of next year. 

It was pretty daunting and I struggled to get started. But, once I did, the words flew out of me like Buckbeak flew outta Hogwarts - and it felt great!

I know first-hand how hard it is to really think about what your goals are and the challenges of putting them into writing, so I wanted to pull together an ultimate guide for you to do the same for your business.

This blog post will teach you:

  • Why you need to set goals in your business
  • Tips before you start you goal planning session
  • How to discover your 'why' and set big picture goals!
  • How to break down your big goals into mini goals
  • Why you should set weekly goals - and how to stick to them
  • Ways to keep track of your goals with my FREE goal getter goodies!

Keep reading to learn how to set goals for your small or creative business and why it’s so important!

How To Collaborate With Bloggers To Sell More Infoproducts

How To Collaborate With Bloggers To Sell More Infoproducts

Whether you want to call it ‘influencer marketing’, ‘blogger outreach’, or simply ‘collaborations’, they’re here to stay.

Influencer marketing has been one of the fastest growing marketing strategies over the past few years, but how can you make it work for your educational business?

I have a free email course for you to get started but I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to make influencer marketing work specifically for infopreneurs and online course creators. This is a topic I don’t cover in detail in Clever Collaborations, so I decided to up and write a whole blog post dedicated to it!

In this blog post and free video training, you'll learn:

👥 the fundamentals of influencer marketing
🤔 the difference between influencer marketing and PR
🎯 how to set a goal for your campaign
⚡️ 6 simple collaboration ideas to get you started
☕️ how to warm up the connection with an influencer

Keep reading to learn how to collaborate with influencers to sell more of your educational products, including online courses and e-books. We crossover into the realm of PR a little bit here but bear with me - it’s all gravy 😉