How To Start An Affiliate Program To Increase Your Product Sales

How To Start An Affiliate Program To Increase Your Product Sales

Setting up an affiliate program for your online business is a great way to reach new audiences, make meaningful connections, and, ultimately, increase your income.

On my blog, we’ve talked about why you should create an affiliate program and how to know if you’re ready to start one.

But how do you go about setting one up?

There are a lot of moving pieces involved in starting and running a successful affiliate program. How do you choose the best tech? How do you find people to invite into your program? What promotional materials do you need to create?

This blog post (which is basically an ultimate guide to starting your own affiliate program) will walk you through my process to help you get started!

You Got This: How to Get Out of a Slump

You Got This: How to Get Out of a Slump

This was originally published in 2016 but it’s so popular that I’ve updated it with some new tips for you all! 🙌

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has phases of being unproductive with no motivation to work.

When you’re ticking things off your to-do list, it feels great - you’re working to the best of your ability, you’re helping your clients or customers, and you’re generally getting shit done.

On the other hand, when you’re feeling a little down about your business, it can have a huge effect on your productivity. It sucks. If I get into a work slump, you’ll find me on the sofa, snuggling the doggo, and playing Dead By Daylight 🎮

I’ve been there before, and I’m sure I’ll be there again, but I always find my way out of it!

Whether it’s business or personal, these tips and tricks will help you beat your blues, find your motivation and get back onto the right track! You'll also be able to grab my free Goal Getter Goodies bundle to help you stay focused when you're out of your slump! 💕 

3 Ways to Plan for Profit in 2019

3 Ways to Plan for Profit in 2019

Generating consistent income is a common goal for online business owners. It doesn’t just mean a constant stream of money (though that IS nice); it also means confidence in knowing what your monthly paycheque could be and feeling secure in your business.

In the world of entrepreneurship, we are often bombarded with phrases like:

  • “10x your income”

  • “double your revenue”

  • “increase your passive income”

  • “make 6-figure launches”

and, whilst monetary success is amazing, it can be really tough to be surrounded by talk like this when you’re a) just starting out or b) having a slow month with your business.

I’m here to tell you that it’s healthy to have some kind of income goal for your business but you don’t NEED to be making 6 or 7 figures a year or quadrupling your revenue as long as you have a strategic profit plan in place 💰

It can be difficult to know where to start with planning for profit, but I’m here to help you out! It’s about striking the balance between big hairy income goals and not selling yourself short with unrealistically low goals. How far into the year do you plan? And how do you make those plans actionable so that you can work towards your income goal week after week?

I’ve put this guide together to help you create your annual profit plan that is built on what’s currently working for your business to help you achieve those income goals!

This blog post talks you through:

  • 📈 how to analyse your current income

  • 🙌 how to set goals for your business to make sure you stay on track (and why they’re so important)

  • 🖥my favourite resources for drawing up a profit plan

I’m so excited to delve deep into this topic with you - and to give you access to my free Goal Getter Goodies bundle!

The Best Affiliate Tracking Software Platforms For Starting Your Program

The Best Affiliate Tracking Software Platforms For Starting Your Program

"What affiliate tracking software should I use?" is probably THE most regular question I get asked as an affiliate manager.

It’s also the hardest question to answer without delving deep into features, capabilities, and pricing. You see, what affiliate software you choose really depends on a lot of things. It depends on the product you’re selling, the platform you’re selling on, the price of your product, and so much more!

I’ve pulled together this ultimate guide to affiliate marketing tracking software so you can find out which tool will work best for you and your product. This blog post talks you through:

  • 🙋🏻 what affiliate tracking software is (and what it isn’t)

  • 🤔 what you need to think about before you find an affiliate marketing tool

  • 🙌 my top 3 affiliate tracking software platforms, their best features, and their cons

  • ⚡️ 10+ other software recommendations for you to check out

I also have a free checklist to help you get started with creating an affiliate program of you own! Don’t miss out!